Reasons For Missed Period
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13 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Your Period

Reasons For Missed Period

Waking up without blood-stained sheets or stomach cramps that hurt so bad sounds good, in fact, great for a moment. But then, when it’s that time of the day and even after a weeks delay, when your period doesn’t make an appearance, it fills you with unadulterated panic, especially if you are sexually active. However, there are reasons for a late period other than pregnancy. There are actually 13 reasons for missed period. So, what are they? Scroll below.

When You Stop Taking Birth Control 

Maybe you have recently stopped taking birth control pills, or perhaps got your IUD removed. Now, these forms of birth control help regulate your cycle. Nevertheless, when you discontinue it, it takes time for your body to get adjusted and your natural system to wake up. So, this can be one of the reasons for a late period.

Of Course, Maybe It is Pregnancy 

Yes, reasons for a missed period can mean pregnancy and did you know? Early pregnancy symptoms can also be similar to your PMS ones. So, obviously, if you have been sexually active during your last cycle, first and foremost, check for pregnancy. A week’s delay is generally considered okay. But after that, it is wise to bring a home pregnancy test kit to be sure. If your test results are positive, your next step is to visit a gynaecologist!

Any New Medications? 

Some medications cause an early period or might delay it as a side-effect. So, if you have been taking any new medicine, you can check if they have listed delay in the period as a side-effect. If that’s the case, see for a week and then consult your doctor to be sure that the only reason for the missed period.

A Serious Illness 

If you have been really, really sick with flu or something else that almost or perhaps landed you in the hospital, then it can be a reason for delayed periods. What happens is that when you fall sick, it automatically leads to stress, and this makes your brain miss its duty where it is supposed to regulate hormones.

Your Thyroid Is The Problem 

The thyroid gland is responsible for your metabolism, controls the temperature of your body, produces hormones, and more. Yes, it is a gland with a variety of responsibilities. Hence, you want it to function the way it is meant to, and when it doesn’t, it can cause irregular periods. Your doctor will conduct a few tests to check the exact problem and might prescribe medicine when required, and with proper treatment, your cycle will get back on track.

Been On The Pill For Long 

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Don’t worry. It sometimes happens when you have been popping those low-dose estrogen pills for long. Why? Because the period blood is majorly endometrial lining. And, with these pills, the lining doesn’t build much meaning there is too little to shed sometimes. If this is one of the reasons for a missed period, then your doctor might hook you up with new ones or ask you to stop for a while.

A Tumor Can Be The Reason 

Now, before you get hyper or scared, understand it can be a reason, and we are not saying it is. Prolactinoma or a benign tumour can hamper with one’s pituitary gland, which causes excess secretion of prolactin. This can cause you to miss your periods and can also interfere with the ability to generate estrogen, and that is a necessary hormone to keep your periods in check.

Stress And More Stress 

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Perhaps your work has your stressing, or you are pulling all-nighters because of your study load. Well, if you have been taking too much stress, then think of it as your body’s way of letting you know that it is not suitable for both your mental and physical well-being. So, get it under control, and your period will also arrive on time.

Rigorous Exercise 


Are you someone who is trying to lose weight? Hitting the gym more but eating less? Overdoing exercises? Then maybe you are messing up with your BMI, which can be one of the reasons for late period. So understand that overdoing anything isn’t right for you and cut yourself some slack. Try to gain a couple of pounds if you think you have gotten too skinny. But missing your period regularly isn’t good for you. Therefore, talk to a doctor if you are looking for some coherent advice.

PCOS Can Be A Reason


PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder in women, which can lead to delayed or prolonged period. The symptoms of this condition include;

  • Acne
  • Obesity
  • Excess facial and body hair
  • Irregular menstrual cycle

So, if you notice any of the symptoms, it is mandatory that you meet with your gynaecologist to come up with treatments to smooth any complications associated with this condition.

Gaining Too Much Weight 

Just like losing too much weight quickly is a problem; gaining too much all of a sudden can also be a problem. In fact, according to an Australian study,  obese women are twice likely to have irregular cycle compared to those with normal body weight. The excess weight can cause a hormone glitch, which leads to missed or delayed periods. However, if you are looking to lose weight, do so under the guidance of a nutritionist or in an extremely healthy manner.

A Pituitary Problem 

It is a rare factor that can lead to missed periods, but yes, it can be a reason. Some of the symptoms include; nipples leaking from a milky substance, headaches, and no sign of a period. Here, your doctor will check your prolactin levels, and if the hormone is excessively present in your body, it can explain the symptoms despite not being pregnant. Oh! And don’t worry. It is treatable with medication.

New House or Roommates?

Okay, this is a myth, but some people swear it happens. It is said that when you move in with a new group of girls, periods tend to become irregular in order to sync with the group? Sounds unbelievable. But, who knows?

We hope this helps! For suggestions or more, comment below.



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