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4 Easy Cocktail Recipes To Enjoy Right At Home

Ever since the Covid-19 made its presence felt, we have all been bound to our houses, where going out feels like playing with danger. And, due to the lockdown and restaurants being shut down, I have been cooking cocktail recipes one exotic dish after the other, where I have started feeling like a Masterchef contestant.

But the one thing I truly miss is the happy hours where sometimes I could simply sip on posh cocktails and forget my woes. That’s when the idea struck and I started browsing for recipes that actually work because let’s be honest, most of the recipes available are either to voguish, where I will have to spend almost thousands of rupees buying a variety of alcohol or they are too simple, which doesn’t really do the deed. So, bringing you tried and tested cocktail recipes that actually work and can be contortioned within your budget.

Something With Whiskey

I am someone who isn’t very fond of Whiskey. But, during the lockdown, when nothing else was available, I decided to make the most of it since I had some remaining from my birthday party a few months back. So, to mask its sour-ish smell and to make it taste better, I created a cocktail using packed fruit juice.


  •         2 ounces whiskey
  •         1-ounce litchi and apple juice each (I made use of Tropicana)
  •         1 teaspoon lemon juice
  •         Ice


  •         Mix all the ingredients well and voila! You are all set.

Something With Vodka

My first experiment was quite successful. At least, I seemed to like it. So, I decided to do something with vodka this time.


  •         2 ounces vodka
  •         1-ounce cranberry juice (used Real Fruit Juice)
  •         1-ounce pineapple juice (used fresh fruit juice, but you can always use store-bought juice)
  •         Lemon wedges
  •         Ice


  •         Mix all the ingredients well and serve it with lemon wedges

P.S: Or you could just do vodka shots if this feels like too much effort.

Something With White Rum

If you have white rum available then Mojito is a real classic. It is easy and you can whip it up with very few elements. This drink is especially refreshing during hot summer days.


  •         8-10 fresh Mint leaves
  •         3-4 lemon wedges
  •         Club soda
  •         1 tablespoon sugar
  •         2 ounces white rum
  •         Lots of ice


  •         Take a study glass and add one lemon wedge and the mint leaves.
  •         Using a muddler, crush it well.
  •         Then add 2 more lemon wedges and sugar and crush it well.
  •         To the same glass, add ice, then rum, followed by club soda.
  •         Give it a good stir and garnish with a lemon wedge and some mint leaves. You can add more sugar if you want to enhance the sweetness.
  •         Voila! You are all done.

Something With Beer

If you are bored of drinking plain old beer, you can give this recipe a try.


  •         2 ounces of chilled lager beer
  •         1-ounce vodka
  •         Lemon juice
  •         Mint Leaves
  •         Grated ginger
  •         1 teaspoon Jaljeera masala (it is a spice powder)


  •         Take a sturdy glass and add mint leaves, lemon juice grated ginger and crush it well.
  •         Now, add vodka and your spice powder and give it a mix.
  •         Finally, add your beer and enjoy it.

Try these cocktail recipes and let us know how they turned out. 



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