how to use vicks vaporub

7 Ways To Use Vicks VapoRub In Your Beauty Routine

Vicks Vaporub is a staple in our homes. Whenever cold takes over, our moms always have the handy Vicks that they rub on our forehead and nose to ensure we get well soon. However, have you ever wondered? A Vicks vaporub is so much more than that. Firstly, what is Vicks vaporub? It is a gooey substance that comes in a tiny jar to help get rid of the cold and congested chest. It is made of camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. You can actually include it in your beauty routine. Now, I won’t lie. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical too. But, when I tried it, I was in awe. Yes, these tips are not something we are writing about just for the sake of it. But, these are tried and tested. Keep reading to know more. 

Beautiful Lips 

If you are someone who has been suffering from chapped lips, then look no further; Vicks is your answer. One of the ways to use Vicks vaporub is to apply it on your cracked lips. Just take a small amount and apply it to your lips. Let it sit overnight. And in the morning? Beautiful lips at your service. They will no longer be chapped. Yes, try it out. 

No More Acne 

Pimples can make an entrance at any given time. Sadly, they don’t ask for permission but just pop in as and when they feel like. And this is especially true during the monthly menstrual cycle. However, Vicks can help you out here. Since it comes with anti-inflammatory ingredients, you can apply a small bit of it on your zit, and it will calm down while clearing the complexion. You can use it overnight. Yes, you can thank us later. 

Insects Will Stay Away 

Mosquitoes are everywhere, and there is no escaping them. Now, if this is a problem that you have to deal with often, then Vicks can help you out. Just apply it to the exposed area, and no more mosquito biting. In fact, it will stay far, far away from you. Isn’t that amazing? Be a little generous while applying, and you are good to go. However, before you apply, always make sure you aren’t allergic. 

Bye-Bye Stretch Marks 

We are not saying there is anything abnormal with stretch marks. They are absolutely normal, and we must embrace them. However, if you think you must get rid of them, then Vicks comes to your rescue. Just apply it over your newly formed marks, and in a few days, you will see them fading. This only works for freshly formed marks and not the old ones. 

Prevents Bruises 

If you have minor cuts, you can make use of Vicks to calm the area. Since one of the main ingredients is menthol, it helps treat minor cuts. Just dab some on the affected area, and you are good to go. 

Gets Rid Of Headaches 

If you are someone who suffers from constant headaches, instead of popping pills, just apply a bit of Vicks on your forehead, and you are good to go. It is a quick-fix with no side-effects. 

No More Muscle Soreness 

Maybe an intense workout has made it all sore, or perhaps it’s that time of the month. My dear friend, you have Vicks by your side, so fret not. Just apply it over your sore muscles, and in some time, you will feel all better. 

Dry Heels All Better

Dry heels mean cracked heels. It can not only be painful but makes you feel ungroomed. So, what you can do to treat it is, apply Vicks on the affected area and cover your heels with a plastic wrap or a cover, and in the morning, you will be able to welcome smooth skin. 


Try them out and let us know if they work for you too. However, before you proceed, do an allergy test! 



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