psychological tricks that actually work

19 Psychological Tricks That Actually Work! Try It

Psychological Tricks That Actually Work

Have you ever wondered how magic feels? Well, knowing a few psychological tricks can be almost like magic. It opens doors for you and helps you achieve what you want easily. Seriously, just give it a try, you will surely thank us later. These tips are pretty simple and let you in on hidden information easily. For instance, you can know if someone is lying to you or you can confirm if your crush likes you back. Intrigued? Well, keep reading to know more.

1. Been in a situation where your companion is talking non-stop. Well, if you want to get a word in, just drop on an object like a pen, and then reach down to pick it up and as you are on your way up, start talking. This is a fantastic way to interrupt someone.

2. Do you want to make the first best impression on a date? Then take your date somewhere exhilarating, somewhere that gives them an adrenaline rush, such as a roller coaster ride or a horror movie. When they feel the rush, it makes them feel like they are having an excellent time with you.

3. If you want to make sure you remember everything you have learned then teach the same syllabus to a friend and make sure they ask you questions regarding the same. This will ensure you don’t forget what you have studied and you will be able to ace your exam.

4. If you miss a special someone and have no reason to text them, just say, “Hey, can you imagine, you were in my dreams last night. Anyway, how are you doing?” This seems like a legitimate reason and will give you an opening to initiate a conversation. But remember, this just works once. And, once is all you have to make a good impression.

5. Do you want to look for something that someone has hidden? Just mimic the act of searching for that object and then shout, “found it.” It is most likely that they will look in the direction they have that object hidden and it will make your search easier.

6. If you have had a fight with an acquaintance that all you need to do is remain silent in their presence. It will generally lead to the other person talking to fill in the silence because silence makes people uncomfortable. But, this will only work if you guys are stuck in a room or are sitting in a restaurant, or a scenario similar to it.

7. Want to know which one of your friends like you the most? It so happens that when you are with a group of friends and someone cracks a joke, you tend to look at the person you like the most. So, try it out.

8. If you are out with someone you like and if you notice them looking at your lips quite often, then, this probably means that they like you.

9. Smiling always works like a charm. Smile at your bartender, you will get your drink faster. Smile at your partner, it will make them feel good. Smile at your teacher, it will make them feel appreciated. But, your smile must be genuine.

10. Do you want someone to trust you? Just mimic their body language a little. The key here is just a little and don’t go overboard with it. This makes the other person trust you more.

11. Compliments are generally reciprocated. For instance, if you compliment someone with adjectives such as genuine or kind, they associate you with those qualities too. But this holds true if you only possess some of those qualities too.

12. If you are in the company of someone negative constantly, your outlook on life will also turn sour because the mood is contagious. Therefore, surround yourself with positivity.

13. If you want someone to agree with you, nod while you are talking. This makes them nod back to what you were saying.

14. In the classroom, if you want your teacher to pay attention to you, simply nod while they are giving their lecture. This will make them feel like you are paying attention to them and your teacher will concentrate on you.

15. If someone asks you something and you don’t want to answer, jovially answer, “Why do you ask?” You can generally get out of answering the question after questioning them.

16. If you have met someone and want to be their friend or you want them to like you then just take their name while talking to them. It feels personal and builds trust. However, don’t take it too far.

17. If you are nervous, the best way to overcome it is by chewing gum. This will trick your brain into thinking everything is okay because we are generally stress-free while eating something.

18. You can know a lot about a person by looking at their feet. For instance, if you are talking to someone and their feet are facing you, it means they are enjoying the conversation and want to be there. However, if they are fidgeting with their feet or you notice their feet facing anything but you, it sadly means they are not interested.

19. If someone doesn’t like you, there is a trick to make them like you. How? Just ask them for a small favor like borrowing a pen. Even though they might not want to do it, they will because it is such a minute thing. And, when you return it back with a smile, their perspective about you will change, making them think you are not so bad after all.


Use these tricks and let us know if they work for you. If you want us to add something more or if you have a suggestion, write to us at

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