Tips to Get Glowing Skin

10 Easy Tips To Get Glowing Skin In Summers

Summers are here and are going to bring a lot like fruits, flowers, the sunlight which people were waiting for a time. Although many people don’t like summers, and there is a reason. Summers bring harsh sunlight which can damage the skin. Actually this earth is covered with a layer outside and this layer is called the “ozone layer”. This ozone layer has a big hole now and it is getting damaged due to pollution and chlorofluorocarbons. This hole in the ozone layer lets the ultraviolet radiations pass and these ultraviolet radiations from sun damage the skin and cause different skin allergies. In summers, the sun is at its peak and shines the most, the sunlight brings a lot of benefits but in addition, it brings damage to the skin. If we don’t follow proper skincare during summers, our skin can suffer through different problems and allergies. So it is necessary to follow a regular skincare routine in summers to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

The Skin Problems in Summer

Skin Problems

The most common skin problems in summers are:

  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Redness of skin after exposing to sunlight
  • Black spots on skin
  • Skin burning
  • Black skin
  • Dull skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Other types of specific allergies

The major reason behind these skin problems is “Ultra violet radiations”. When ozone layer can’t stop ultra violet rays or some other hazardous rays due to hole in ozone layer, they reach towards earth. They directly attack skin because it is the outer layer of the body. Other reasons of skin damage in summers are pollution and smoke.

How to Take Care of Skin in Summers

There are both artificial and natural ways to take care of your skin in summer. A lot of products are in the market, which provides protection from sun burn. They work against sun burn and protect your skin. The products which really work are expensive while others just have false claims. If you can afford, you can buy the expensive products like glowing skin masks, shine creams and many more. But you can also prepare the natural products at home which provide glowing skin and protection against the attack of dangerous rays. The products which you can use in summers for the protection and glow of your skin include:

  • Good sunscreen
  • Glowing skin mask in the night
  • Exfoliating face scrub
  • Medicated creams
  • Creams for the protection of skin pigmentation

These products are easily available in the market but good quality products are expensive. Then why go towards expensive products when natural and home remedies are here? You can follow the homemade tips for glowing skin. So here we are going to tell you 10 tips to get glowing skin in summers.

1. Drink Plenty of liquids in Summer

One good tip to follow in summers to get glowing skin is to drink plenty of liquids in summers. Water is the best liquid to drink but you can also take fresh juices which will have a healthy impact. You can go for detox by drinking fresh juices. It will detoxify your body and make your skin fresh and glowing. Water is the best liquid for skin so drink secondly, melon juice (without adding water), strawberry juice, berry juices etc are also good for your skin. You can prepare a drink by adding lemon, carrot and beetroot and beat them in juicer. Drink this juice once in a week it will put a healthy impact on your body and skin.

2. Take Healthy Diet

Take Healthy Diet

Add healthy items to your diet. For example take pumpkin on daily basis. You can mix the boiled pumpkin in yogurt or can eat it with black pepper. Your skin will glow when your stomach is set. Other things you should add in your diet for a glowing skin include:

  • Fruits (all fruits of season)
  • Oats (in breakfast)
  • Chiaseeds
  • Flaxseed
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Leafy vegetables

Bell peppers have vitamin C, and Vitamin C is very good for skin.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Use aloe vera on your skin to get a glowing and fresh skin. You can prepare a jar of aloe vera gel by extracting it from aloe vera plant. It is very easy to get aloe vera gel, many people have plants in their homes. You can also get a small aloe vera plant and use it in your daily skincare routine. You can also use aloe vera mask as sun screen in summers.

4. Use lemon

Lemon is the best skincare solution. You can directly rub lemon on your skin it will make your skin glowing. This is the very simple tip you can easily follow.

5. Use Lemon Plus Yogurt Mask

Prepare a lemon yogurt mask at your home. This is the best natural and homemade remedy for skin protection which you can prepare at your home. Just mix one table spoon of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of yogurt and shake it well. Put it on your skin and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with clear water and you will see your glowing and fresh skin.

6. Mud Mask

Mud Mask

Mud mask is always best for skin. You can apply mud mask on your skin for fresh and glowing skin. There are different ways to use mud mask. Mix a portion of milk with mud mask and apply on your skin. You can also use lemon and mud mask for glowing skin.

7. Chickpea Flour (Gram flour)

Make a mask by using chickpea flour (also called besan) and lemon juice. You can add a spoon of milk in it if your skin is dry. Apply this mask on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it slowly with water and dry. It will give you a glowing look. You can also add honey.

8. Exercise

Keep a routine of daily exercise in summers. Don’t go for heavy or hard exercise but walk daily. Walk for halt to one hour daily it will keep your skin fresh.

9. Make Good Sleeping Routine

Your sleeping routine has a great impact on your skin. If you sleep on time and wake up on time your skin will look fresh whole day. When you wake up early in the morning, take a glass of water (not cold), add one table spoon lemon juice and one table spoon honey and mix it. Drink it early in the morning and it will keep you fresh whole day. This drink will act as antioxidant too.

10. Apply Ice

If you feel itching on your skin in summers, immediately apply ice on it. Do ice massage on your face. It will keep your skin fresh and reduce itching. Ice also reduces redness of skin.


Why go for expensive products when natural remedies are here for glowing skin? These tips really work. But keep a point in mind, don’t use lemon if you have rashes. Always follow the skincare tips according to your skin type. Above mentioned homemade skin glowing tips are for all skin types. Do not apply lemon on allergic skin. For allergies, drink plenty of water and juices and use some good medicated cream, then apply homemade masks.

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