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Top 10 Most Romantic Movie Kisses Of All Time

If you are a true romance fan, then, romantic movies probably make you swoon. And, when it comes to romantic kisses, movies have been redefining this art for decades now. Today, we bring you top 10 most romantic movie kisses of all time and you can relish the happily-ever-moment on your screen and experience true bliss.

Peter and Mary Jane, Spider-Man 

One of the most iconic kisses of all time has to come from Spider-Man that took place between Mary Jane and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. We are talking about Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. This scene occurs after Peter saves Mary from a mid-town mugging and unaware of her savior’s true identity, she gives him an upside-down kiss as her thanks. This romantic kiss changed the standards of movie kisses forever.

Mark and Bridget, Bridget Jones’s Diary 

As a fan of romance, Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of the best movies ever. It is on my top 10 list. After all, it has everything. A quirky female lead, a suave hero, and a love-hate relationship that later turns into love. And, my favorite parts of a movie are the ending. Generally, in romantic movies, there comes a time when the hero and the heroine get separated and after a short period of heartbreak, they get back together. And, in Bridget Jones, that time comes with a swoon-worthy romantic kiss in the snow. It was pretty iconic I must say.

Chiron and Kevin, Moonlight 

Why did this make the list? Because the slow burn leads to their single kiss on the beach and it was oh-so-romantic. It begins when both the boys begin the conversation and talk about the roles expected of them as black young men. And that’s when the kiss occurs. It is sweet, beautiful, and awkward at the same time.

Hannah and Jacob, Crazy Stupid Love 

One of the best rom-coms out there has to be Crazy, Stupid, Love. We see when Jacob meets Hannah, he tries to flirt with her, but it doesn’t really make that much of an impact. And, the second time, she marches into the bar and kisses him without a word. And, it’s absolutely perfect!

Simon and Blue, Love, Simon 

Love, Simon is an incredibly sweet story about a closeted gay high schoolboy and online romance with a boy named ‘Blue.’ The movie too ends on a sweet note, where both of them kiss on a Ferris wheel. And, you might not be able to figure out who Blue is until the end. So, that’s fun.

Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Right from the start, we saw how Ron and Hermoine shared a love-hate relationship. And, as they grew up, we could sense how eventually they would wind up together. And amidst the war, with Voldermort back, they declare their love for each other with a romantic kiss.

Lara Jean and Peter, To All The Boys I Have Loved Before 

To all the boys is a sweet romantic movie, where Lara Jean, our main lead, writes letters to all the boys she has ever loved. And when these letters get posted by mistake, it is hysterical. In one scene, we see her talking to Peter, one of the boys who got the letter and sees Josh walking towards her with a letter too, and he is currently dating her sister. So, to avoid unwanted conversation, Jean kisses Peter.

Shrek and Fiona, Shrek 

One of the beauties of watching some fairytales is that it helps us accept ourselves the way we are. And, that’s exactly what Shrek does. Even after Fiona turns into an ogre, who was formerly one of the most beautiful women ever, it is Shrek, who teaches her that her beauty is skin-deep. And, when they finally kiss, it is so beautiful.

Lady and The Tramp 

How can we not put the kiss between Lady and The Tramp on this list? She was an uptown girl while he was a drifter, and when these two pups come together over a string of spaghetti, they kiss in the end.

Kat and Patrick, 10 Things I Hate About You 

In all honesty, I love and adore this movie. After Kat delivers her iconic lines, where she says, “But mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you…” There comes a messy paintball scene and then they kiss. It is the sweetest!

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