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Common Mistakes We Make In A Romantic Relationship

Life is a beautiful gift, which gets enhanced when you get into a stable yet loving relationship. Building this close bond, apart from your family, helps you explore life with a deeper scope and give you a support system, someone who is always there for you and someone you can depend on, your person. But that being said, relationships are tricky business, and ups and downs are natural. However, is there an easier way to tackle it? Yes. We bring you tips that you can use to keep that romance brewing and your relationship alive. What are they? Take a look for common mistakes in relationships!

The Newness Dies, But The Love Stays

When you first enter a relationship, the newness of it keeps the butterflies alive. The tingles in your stomach, the constant blushes, they are a part of it. But the truth is, after a while, your relationship evolves and you get used to your partner. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore and just the opposite. You both are so in love that you feel immensely comfortable with each other and that can sometimes reduce the romance quotient. So, what must you do? Simple, isn’t it? Keep your relationship alive. How can you do that?

  • Be intimate with each other. Hold hands, greet each other with a kiss.
  • Do fun activities together.
  • Go on dates.
  • Surprise your partner every now and then.
  • Look back into what made you fall for your partner and how you guys would spend time together, try to replicate the same.

Taking Your Partner For Granted

Again, when you are in a relationship for long, knowingly, or unknowingly it can happen that you start taking your partner for granted. And generally, this is the time when other people start catching your attention. So, tread carefully here. What must you do?

  • Firstly, stop taking your partner for granted. If you guys have settled into a routine, where each of you doesn’t communicate with each other, change it. The first step is to communicate. Start little. Ask them about their day and tell them about you.
  • Have dinner or lunch or even breakfast together. Always try to share a meal. Talk and enjoy the time together with each other.
  • Cook for your partner. You can always surprise them with their favorite meal.
  • Even if you are busy, try to call or text in the middle of the day.

Expectations Can Lead To Disappointment

Out of every relationship, expectations are mandatory. After all, human nature! But, don’t let it get out of control. For instance, maybe you are upset with your partner and you expect him or her to make it up to you in a certain way, and when that doesn’t happen, you tend to get disappointed and these small disappointments can accumulate and might hamper your relationship. So, stay away from unnecessary expectations. And, if your partner loves you and is a good person, the basic expectations are already fulfilled.

Life Isn’t A Movie

Movies and novels make us think our partners are supposed to be a certain way, act a certain way, and even love a certain way. But, when you get into a relationship, you must ensure you realize the difference between a movie and reality. Prince Charming or the perfect one is not how they are depicted. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Don’t Sleep Off A Fight

In any relationship, fights are a part and parcel. But, one of the most common mistakes in relationships that couples make is that they sometimes go to bed without resolving a fight. This can create and is definitely not a good thing for any relationship. Therefore, always resolve your issues. Talk it out. Calmly. Every problem has a solution.

Don’t Try To Change Them

Why did you fall in love with your partner? It’s not all about appearance, is it? It was because of the inner qualities or the weird quirks they possess. Now, if you change all of that, they won’t even remain the same person. And, that’s what goes wrong in a few relationships. So, never try to change their personality.

Being Secretive

A little mystery looks good in the beginning but once you enter a stable relationship, don’t keep secrets from your partner because even you expect the same, don’t you? Always communicate and be open with each other. This is what builds a healthy relationship. Of course, that doesn’t mean you tell them about every minute of your day but talk about things that matter to you and them. And remember, even if you think that a secret can spoil your relationship, it is always better to talk it out. After all, if you cannot trust your partner, then whom can you? It also helps reduce any guilt you carry.

Being Overly Dependent

I don’t really like the word ‘space.’ When some couples ask space from each other it sounds more ominous than what they are actually trying to say. One of the common mistakes in relationships we sometimes make in a happy relationship is that we become too dependent on our partners. That’s not correct because we all have a personal life and respect their boundaries.

So, these were a few tips for a wondrous relationship. Let us know your thoughts. You can always write to us at



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