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Dating During The Era of Corona And How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Dating is not an easy task, is it? And the process has become severely altered due to the ongoing pandemic. With masks covering our faces and social distancing in place, how do you even meet someone? Hence, all the singles, who once shunned the dating apps are taking that very same route because now that’s almost the only way to meet new people. But worry not, we bring you ways for you to dating during the coronavirus pandemic and make sure your romantic life doesn’t turn dull. Keep reading to know more.

Are You Someone Who Is Looking For Someone?

As you already know, finding that someone special and dating during the coronavirus pandemic, can be a little difficult but that’s where dating apps, like Tinder or Bumble, come in. Register on these apps but make sure you present your authentic self because that’s when you will be able to create an authentic relationship. Decide whether you are looking for something casual or serious, proceed after that.

Now, if you are looking for a casual hookup then safety must become your priority. Once you find a match, talk to them and see if you both are on the same page. Before hooking up, you both can get tested for coronavirus or at least talk about any symptoms either of you are experiencing and go forward from there.

If you are looking for something serious, the obvious thing once you match is to get to know the person better. Check if he or she always wants similar things as you. Once you are comfortable with each other, try conducting a date on a video call. And, later you can decide to meet at a public place and take your relationship forward from there.

How To Take Your Relationship Forward During Coronavirus? 

If everything is going well and you are committed great, congratulations! However, don’t let the pandemic stop you from spicing up your love life. There are things you can do to strengthen your relationship and stay safe at the same time. What are they? Take a look.

Quarantine With Your Partner

dating ideas during covid

No, we aren’t talking about moving in with your partner if you aren’t ready. But, spending time with your lover is also equally important. And, since we are amidst the lingering threat of COVID-19, why not simply quarantine with your partner for a week or so? However, staying with someone for a week is a big deal and it gets easier only if you can communicate with your partner honestly.

Be Intimate If No Symptoms 

Long-distance dating during COVID

Now that you are holed together with your partner, the question is can you have sex? Well, the good news is that experts say it is generally safe to have sex with your partner if neither of you is experiencing any symptoms. Also, as of now, there is no evidence if coronavirus can be transmitted sexually. So, go for it!

What About Phone Sex? 

Maybe you are worried about hooking up with your date as you don’t want to get exposed to the virus. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate with your partner because of phone sex! It is also a great way to connect with your lover because you can be more open about your fantasies and maybe you can act it out when you guys are together. Also, you can improvise and can move on to video calls too.

Don’t Miss Your Date Night 

Maybe before coronavirus, you and your partner had date nights where you guys got together and enjoyed a meal or a movie together. But, that’s changed now. However, it doesn’t mean you need to put a full stop on your date nights because you can get it done, even now. How? Simple! Video call dates. Be innovative here. You can enjoy a date night together easily, where each one of you is safely tucked in your houses but is sipping a drink or enjoying a meal together. You can also watch a movie together where each one of you plays the same movie and are watching it together while on a video call. This is one of the best dating ideas coronavirus pandemic. This idea works for long-distance relationships too.

If You Are Polyamorous 

If you have multiple partners, it is important that you set boundaries, especially at a time like this. So, be clear with your partners and set a time and day for each of them to ward off any jealousy and keep it healthy.

How To Keep Passion Alive During Coronavirus Pandemic? 

If you have been in a relationship for long now and are living together, being stuck in the house each day, every day can sometimes put a strain on your relationship. But, you can avoid it very easily. How? Take a look!

  • Divide household chores and get it done.
  • Cook meals together, eat together, and make it a fun time.
  • When you are working, do it in separate rooms so that you guys don’t crowd each other and you are giving each other the necessary space.
  • Communicate. Always!
  • Create date nights at home. You can light candles and make it a romantic ambiance. Your partner will love it!
  • Don’t take your frustrations on each other.
  • Never go to bed after a fight.

Long Distance Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Long-distance relationships are a norm these days. When you find your soulmate, you do everything to make it work, and sometimes when life takes you away from the city where your love currently resides, you do your best to make it work. But yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds because you cannot be with your lover whenever the mood strikes, and that kind of sucks. However, there are tips for Long-distance dating during coronavirus pandemic that can help you keep the romance alive and make it work. What are they? Read here.

Too Much Communication A No No 

It can so happen that when you are away from each other trust issues crop up but trying to talk to your partner all the time can make them feel crowded. Giving each other some space is always a wise option. And of course, talk to each other and communicate whenever the mood strikes, but just don’t overdo it. For instance, let’s say your partner is out with his or her friends, and if you keep calling now and then, you are just interrupting their good time and that’s not correct. Instead, if you are worried about your relationship, be open and talk it out.

Always Set Some Rules 

Setting some ground rules mean there is no room for unpleasant surprises. Therefore, before you embark on this long-distance journey, set some rules. Be clear what both of you are expecting from each other. For example, talk to each other if you want to remain exclusive or want to see other people too.

Communicate Regularly But Have A Schedule 

Communication is very important in every relationship and this becomes a necessity when both of you live far away. So, talk or Facetime regularly. But try to come up with a schedule because each of you has lives of your own too and you cannot just put it on hold. Therefore, come up with a schedule where both of you are free and can easily spend time together. However, it is not a business transaction and the schedule is always flexible and you must just put it in place to ensure it becomes easy.

Technology Is Your BFF 

Unlike yesteryears, phone calls are not the only way you can connect with your lover. Today, there are video calls, messaging apps and so much more to ensure that you stay connected even when away. So, to make your long-distance relationship work, make sure you embrace technology. Also, one tip is to always share details. For instance, maybe you went out with your friends. Instead of telling your partner just that, tell it in detail. Like, whom you went out with, what did you eat, was it fun, etc. And, as we mentioned earlier, do stuff together even when you are apart. Have date nights on video calls and do couple-y stuff that you would have done otherwise.

Give Time To Your Friends And Family Too 

One of the mistakes we make when we are in a relationship is that we sometimes tend to ignore our friends and family. For instance, when you are spending time with your friends, do just that. If your partner gives you a call, tell him or her you will call later as long as it isn’t urgent. And, give attention to your friends. Always try to maintain a balance because that’s what is important.

Gift Each Other Something Personal 

Ah! The power of a memento. It’s real you know. To make sure your partner always thinks of you, give him or her a memento of your choice. Make sure it’s something small and something useful. It can be a watch or a pendant, something you know your partner would love. These objects get engraved in our memories and strengthen the bond.

So, this was a small dating tips during pandemic for you. Let us know what you think! 



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