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11 Easy Steps On Finding Jobs On LinkedIn

If you have been scouting for jobs then LinkedIn can be of great help. So, if you are wondering how to find a job through LinkedIn then we are here to help you out. Due to the pandemic, today thousands of people are without jobs and things have been tough, we understand. Now, at times like these, when you are on the lookout for jobs, it is important that you don’t neglect the power of LinkedIn. It is just a social media network but think of it as Facebook for jobs and job-related information. So, how to find a job through LinkedIn? Keep reading to know all the details about how to find jobs on LinkedIn.

Optimize Your Profile

Fill in all the details in your profile, along with a profile picture. When you talk about your work, make sure you explain in detail. Put in your qualifications and even mention any short courses. Treat your LinkedIn profile like your resume. Don’t leave anything out. However, don’t add any boring details. Keep it crisp. For instance, if you are a digital marketing professional, talk about what you do, what initiatives you have taken, if you are familiar with tools, such as SEMrush, and more. The details you put out should entice the recruiter. This is one of the ways on how to find jobs on LinkedIn. However, make sure you keep things true. False information can get you in trouble.

Add Keywords

You cannot escape keywords anywhere. Even when it comes to LinkedIn, keywords play an important role. However here, you must focus on keywords that match your skill-set. For instance, if you are a social media manager, you can use writer, copywriter, Google Ads manager, social media writer, and more. Make sure you use relevant keywords only, because, in order to jazz up the profile, we don’t want to end up lying, do we? Truth is always the key when it comes to finding the right job.

Set Your Profile to ‘Open To Work’

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature where you can set your profile as ‘open to work.’ This will help recruiters spot people who are looking for a switch and will be able to contact them without any hassles. When you opt for this option, your profile picture will show an open to work icon. This is definitely one of the easiest ways how to find jobs on LinkedIn in which you can set your profile open to recruiters.

Join Groups

Whatever your interests are or wherever your experience lies, join relevant groups accordingly. The aim of the groups is basically to bring all the professionals and like-minded individuals together. You can also contribute if you have some useful information and consume whatever gets posted regularly. These groups also list recent openings.

The Job Section

LinkedIn has a section called jobs where you can type in your field of interest or experience and even choose the location where you want to pursue it and it shows you a list of vacancies. The ‘easy apply’ feature on the app allows you to apply to the job you like in simple and easy steps. Keep looking here every day because new postings crop up every now and then. Now that things are starting to become a little stable in the world, job openings have also been showing up. So, keep looking.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Do you remember Orkut? If not, before the era of Facebook there was Orkut, which was a social media where people could share testimonials for each other. And, those testimonials made our days (now I feel old). My point is, LinkedIn recommendations are just like those testimonials. The only difference is here, your connections will highlight a professional quality of yours and not just sing praises about you. These recommendations show the recruiters what you are made of and will show them your caliber.

Follow Your Dream Companies

We all have a dream job, where just the idea of it gets us excited. Now, it’s not impossible to come across those jobs. How? Follow your dream companies on LinkedIn and you will be notified when they have an opening. This will ensure you are some of the very first applicants.

Customize Your Url

Yes, LinkedIn lets you customize your URL and when you are sharing the link, having an URL with your first and the last name sounds professional and will ensure that your recruiter remembers you.

Write A Summary

LinkedIn has an option where you can write a summary telling the viewers of your profile what you really do. These summaries tell the entire story in just a few words. So, make sure they are compelling. For instance, let’s say you are a content writer, you can start with something that shows people your creative side as well as your stronghold on the language. If you are a coder, include all the languages you are familiar with and make sure your summary tells a story about you.

Build Your Connections

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, you don’t have to add people you know. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. So, the more connections the merrier. Add people whose profession aligns with yours. For instance, if you are a writer, add other writers, HR professionals, content heads, and more. Build a strong and diverse network.

List Your Education

Just like you would do in your resume, list your education. Start from your high school and include every small course you have done to date. These things add up and make your profile look good.

Wrapping up, understand the importance of LinkedIn. There are over 500 million members in about 200 countries. So, you can imagine the vastness of the network. And, if you are still not convinced then statistics show that 94% of employers use LinkedIn to vet candidates. So, follow these simple steps on how to use LinkedIn to find a job and you will get there eventually. Finally, don’t lose hope and be patient.

All the best!

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