how to pedicure using natural ingredients

How To Do Pedicure At Home Using Only Natural Ingredients

Most of the time, we end up neglecting our feet. Although we have an elaborate skincare routine for our face, when it comes to our feet, we don’t do much. So, regular pedicures are necessary because they keep your feet healthy and glowing. 

But for a wondrous pedicure, the spa is not always the answer. You can easily DIY your way through using all-natural ingredients. Yes, you read that right. Fully natural! And, this means, you neither burn a hole in your pocket nor do chemicals penetrate your skin. Also, doing a pedicure at home is sort of therapeutic. It soothes you and calms your nerves. In fact, after the procedure, not only will your feet look pretty but you will also feel happy and relaxed. It’s a win-win! So, don’t stop now, keep reading to know more! 

Before you begin, set the mood. You can light a few scented candles, play slow relaxing music, get rid of any nail paint present using a nail polish remover, and then begin your pedicure.

Where To Start?

Did you know? Our feel contain main nerves that help with the functioning of the whole body. Hence, this is one of the reasons why Thai acupuncture massage very popular when it comes to stress relief. And, who doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of legs? Well, it is not so difficult to achieve them. How? First, take care of your calf, exercise well and keep them toned. Also, remove unwanted hair from your legs to keep them silky smooth.

Step 1: Hot Water Treatment


Step one is to soak your feet in hot water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot but just perfect. So, take a tub, add hot water, crystal salt, baking soda, and approximately 1 tablespoon shampoo (a mild one). If you don’t want to use shampoo, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Now, sit tight for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Cut Your Nails And Scrub 

Woman Scrubbing Feet

After you 15 minutes is up, using a nail cutter, cut your nails and shape it using a filer. Now, you must scrub your feet and you can make an all-natural scrub using sugar and honey or ground coffee and honey. But, don’t over scrub it. Do it for 5 minutes and be gentle. Once you are done, wash it off with clean water.

Now, take a foot brush and scrub your heels. Then, wash it off with water and finally scrub your heels with pumice stone and rinse it off for a smooth finish.

Step 3: Mask it


If you have Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth clay, you can use that as a mask. Just take a tablespoon of Multani mitti and mix it with rose water to form a paste. Now, apply a thin layer on your feet. Otherwise, you can also go for a besan or chickpea flour mask. For this, take a tablespoon of besan and mix it with lemon juice and rose water. Apply a thin layer on your feet. Let it sit until it dries. Then wash it off with plain water.

Step 4: Massage and Moisturize


Prepare a nice natural moisturizer using a tablespoon of almond powder and mix it with olive oil to form a paste. Now, thoroughly massage your feet with this mixture for 10 minutes. Finally, wash it off with just water. Towel dry your feet and now you can paint your nail with a nail polish of your choice.

Voila! You are all set.



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