How To Give Your Old Handbag A Makeover To Make It Look As Good As New

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I feel that the designation goes to handbags, don’t you agree? We women truly love our bags and rightly so because we carry our mini-world in it. Right from make-up kits to headphones and what all will you not find inside a woman’s purse. And, a premium handbag doesn’t come cheap. So, when it deteriorates, our hearts break a little. But, worry not, I bring you tips to patch your bags to make them look as good as new. No kidding! So, what are they? Read till the end to know about how to give your old handbag a makeover .

Change The Straps

Most of the time, due to wear and tear, your handbag straps start looking old. And even otherwise, if you are simply looking to uplift the look, change those straps. You can easily find funky ones in the market. Otherwise, you can replace it with a strap of another old handbag you have. Easy-peasy and you are all sorted in under a minute.

Tie That Scarf

Another quick tip to amp up the appearance of your purse is to tie a scarf to your bag to add a pop of color and make it look more chic. It truly works. I just add a bold red scarf to my boring pale-colored bag and voila! It looks as good as new.

Furry Charms

Are you a fur-lover? Then this is perfect for you. And, if you have seen the latest offering by Netflix, Emily in Paris then you see the lead give a monologue about why we women adorn our bags with furry charms. Because they look perfect and oh-so-polished. So, give it a try. It completely transforms your bag.

Badge Them Up

This works for backpacks. If you want to give your backpack a makeover then pin some funky badges on them and you are done. I have the one that says “stay weird,” as a little reminder to be who you are. There are badges with quotes, memes and so much more available in the market. You can allow yourself to go a little crazy here. You can also try them on your purse but the pin could damage the material a little, so be careful with it.

Vintage Decor

Maybe you have old wallpaper or sheets that you no longer use. You can use them to give your bag a much-needed makeover to make it look like the patchwork Gucci bags. Just cut them evenly in the shapes you like and stick them all over your bag with fabric glue. It looks super-cute. Trust me!

Metal Chains For Straps

Swap your straps with metallic chains. Right from acrylic chains to brass ones, the sky is the limit here. You also find colorful ones in the market if you are looking for a dash of color. Whatever is your choice. But the end result is truly amazing. The only requirement here is that your bag must have detachable straps. If not, you will have to carefully cut it and replace it with the metallic ones.

Paint It

Just like you do fabric painting, you can paint your bags too. It can be your pet project, something to take up on weekends. And, painting will help unleash your creative side, give your bag a makeover and help you learn something new. So, you can either paint a design in the corner or do the whole bag. It is up to you. But, this won’t last. You will have to keep repainting it if it chips but I think it is totally worth it.

Stencil It

If painting isn’t your cup of tea (just like me) then stencil it. Monogrammed accessories are so in trend and it will add a funky twist making your bag look amazing!

A Classic Guitar Strap

Maybe you play the guitar or know someone who does. Well, then you can borrow a classic guitar strap that comes with vintage embroidery or cool prints to revamp your bag. Totally worth it!

So, these were some of our tips. If you try them out, do send us photos and if you have more ideas that we can include, let us know in the comment section below.

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