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Ideas For Colorful Bridal Dresses For Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a girl’s life. And, especially when it comes to wedding attire, a girl gets truly possessive about her outfits. So, it’s natural that when it comes to wedding attire, you always want to look distinctive among others, and opting for colorful clothes has become a trend

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is a beautiful occasion, a bond between two families that celebrates love. A wedding ceremony formalizes a confederation between two partners. And, unlike yesteryears, these days, wedding ceremonies are severely important because they have become a large scale celebration. It is a platform where two families meet up and enjoy all their traditions with happiness. Wedding ceremonies are not the same across the globe, each sector has its own traditions and customs.

However, some customs are common in these wedding ceremonies such as, the reception for guests, exchanging gifts, decorations, shopping and etc. Although, these preparations depend upon the financial situation of the family. If the family is ready to spend for lavishness, the participants will try to arrange the wedding ceremony according to their standing. So, right from opting for a grand venue to expensive gifts and dresses to decorations, extravagance knows no limit. Nowadays a new trend for wedding ceremonies is going on that, which is the Theme Weddings, in which arrangements are made according to a specific theme, such as the Royal theme, Princess theme, Arabian theme, Romantic theme, so on and so forth. People spend a lot of money and organize their weddings on the basis of the selected theme. Contrary to this, the middle class and poor families make all preparations in accordance with their economic situation.

Wedding Day

Some sociologists have shared their reviews about weddings that a wedding day is much more important for women than men as a female believes that it is a tool to build her identity towards her new family. Also, when compared to men, women are more concerned about wedding plannings. And, planning a wedding is not easy as it requires a variety of arrangements like venue, theme, meals for the guests, gifts, dresses, etc. But the first thing we think of when we talk about weddings is the Bridal dress.

Bridal Dress

The colorful and fancy fabrics like net, silk, satin, velvet, jacquard, etc. represent the ideas of colorful bridal dresses. Dressmaker uses many embellishments like pearls, sequins, colorful threads, and many other things to make the bridal dresses more colorful.

Bridal dresses are chosen in assent with culture, religion, or the region where the ceremony is being celebrated. In eastern cultures, usually, wedding dresses are red whereas in western culture dresses are White.

In the early history of the western wedding dress, people showed their status by the dress of the bride. So the girl is dressed according to her cast and family class. And, one would see the rich family brides wear bright colors with layers of furs, silk, and velvet whereas the poor family brides wore their best church dress on their wedding day.

People symbolize the colorful bridal dresses with different qualities like Love, Peace, Innocence, etc so bridal dresses are mostly chosen in line with their color meanings.

Ideas For Colorful Bridal Dresses

Some people have shared their thoughts about the ideas for colorful wedding dresses where each color represents a type of personality of the bride. A few examples are listed below;

White – Innocence
Red – Love
Ivory – tainted innocence
Grey – Maturity
Silver – Trustworthiness
Pink – Feminine
Black – Power
Nude – Reliability
Gold – Rich
Blue – Harmony
Purple – Royalty
Orange – Strength
Yellow – Happiness
Green – Well-mannered

Different Countries and Wedding Dress Ideas

This world is comprised of different regions. So, every matrimonial ceremony is organized according to the region’s traditions, culture, and religion and idea of the wedding dress is that the dress should be in accordance with the traditions. Every country has its own ideas for colorful wedding dresses, want to know more? Keep reading! 


Indian wedding dress for bride

Indian brides often wear colorful Sarees or lehengas and the texture and fabric match their customs and traditions. This colorful attire is usually made of raw silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, or Banarsi fabric. The Bridal wear is also made according to the choice and demand of the embroidery and other intricate work demanded by the buyer. Mostly, Indian Bridal Saree’s drape is made up of silk and the needlework is done with Mulberry or golden thread. The South Indian Bridal Sarees are completely handwoven and are one of the magnificent sarees in the country


Europe wedding dress for bride

European brides usually wear white gowns, which come in a variety of styles and fashion. However, fashion changes from time to time, unlike before, today there are a plethora of gowns available in markets, which include A-line, Ballgown, Mermaid style, Tea-length, Mini, and Trumpet. People can also order them according to their choice of length and necklines. The styles of necklines are Asymmetric, Jewel, Square, Strapless, V-neck, and many more. Brides can also customize their gown lengths, which are also diversified as Ankle, Mini, Tea, Train, or Floor.


China wedding dress for bride

Chinese brides like to wear red or white qipao, western-style gown or ball gown. A Qipao is a Chinese form-fitted dress which includes different detailings like Dragon Motifs, high collars, Frog buttons, heavy embroidery, different colors, and etc. They are not only truly exotic but are also immensely beautiful and help accentuate the bride’s features. You can always take inspiration from this style to create your own tailor-made gown. 


Japan wedding dress for bride

Japanese brides wear a simple white Kimono. A kimono is a T-shaped garment worn with belts. It is made up of different types of fabrics like hemp, linen, silk, crepe, or polyester. A Japanese bride wears a white Kimono which shows the sun’s rays according to their belief. The brides also wear a head-covering known as Tsunokashi to veil there face. You can use the look for your inspiration and opt for the intricate work done on Kimonos on your wedding attire. It adds an oomph factor, ensuring you stand out. 


Kazakhstan wedding dress for bride

The idea of the bridal dress of this country includes a colorful dress shirt, a camisole, and enough long headdress called “Saukele” as well as a facial veil that is made of embroidered bedspreads.


Norway wedding dress for bride

The Norway brides wear their cultural dress called Bunad. It is a folk costume that is fashioned according to the event with embroidery, colorful fabric, and jewelry.


peruvian bride dress

The Peruvian brides wear Andean, a cultural dress that is comprised of woven cloaks and hats adorned with tassels and small pieces of mirrors. A special skirt and poncho are made for both the bride and groom.


Middle East wedding dress for bride

The idea of the bridal dress of the Middle East follows the European trend of wearing white gowns for the special day which are made up of silk. The brides order their gowns according to the demand of the theme of the event. However, the color of the gown doesn’t always have to be white. Right from cream to other soft hues, the bride chooses a gown according to the theme and her liking. 


Pakistan wedding dress for bride

The ideas of wedding dresses include lehnga, angrakha, gharara, sharara, shalwar kameez, churidar pajama, or a bridal gown. Pakistani brides wear colorful and vibrant dresses on the wedding day, which is usually red. These Pakistani wedding dresses are usually made of silk, crepe, jamawar, chiffon, banarsi fabrics, etc., with beautiful stitching patterns.

Wedding Dress Designers:

In the present times, dress designers and boutiques are in trend. People are spending a hefty amount on wedding dresses. They order their dresses in concert with the wedding function. People customize their weddings with themes and dress up according to the themes. People consult dress designers and even stylists before placing their order with distinctive ornamentations like pearls, sequins, golden and silver threads, beads, and bright colors. Designers are being so popular among the young generation and they want themselves to become more and more famous, so the designers have started their bridal fashion shows through which they can represent all the latest ideas of the colorful bridal dresses.

The idea For A Colorful Bridal Dress

People nowadays have become so concerned about the bridal dresses that a piece of news was regulating about a bride where she wore a bridal dress that weighed about 100kgs on her wedding day.

Ideas of Wedding Dress Include Emotions

Apart from choosing dresses based solely on style and fashion, the emotions of the bride and her family also play an important role. It is more than ‘what money can buy’, rather it is about making it special and memorable. For instance, some brides choose to wear wedding attires that were once worn by their mothers or even grandmothers as it holds an emotional value that surpasses what money can buy. If they can wear the dress because of the condition they are in, wedding fashion designers make an effort to include parts of the old dress in the new attire. 

Ideas of Colorful Wedding Dresses With Latest Fashion

But all these dresses and its assortments, vary with time. As time passes, fashion changes, ideas for colors of wedding dresses changes. Brides wear dresses according to the latest trend. After all, that’s one of the most important days of their lives! 

If you are planning your wedding, congratulations in advance! 


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