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Is Your Partner Cheating On You? 27 Signs That Say Your Partner Is!

Being in a relationship is absolutely wondrous, isn’t it? The butterflies in the tummy, always having someone to lean on to, and just the sense of belonging makes us feel ecstatic. Yes, bouts of insecurity can make it way sometimes. However, I think that’s quite normal. But, not all relationships come with guarantee. It is always wise to know if it will work or not instead of being stuck in the la-la land. And, cheating is almost always a deal-breaker. So, if you feel like your detecting skills are top-notch, then that’s great. We bring you an entire article talking about signs that show your partner is cheating on you. Maybe it is for you or for your BFF, these below-mentioned signs of a cheating partner can indicate that something is not right.

But fair warning, these in no manner mean that your partner is physically cheating on you. There could be variations because the definition of cheating is subjective. For one, anything physical might be known as cheating, while for some, sneaking talking to another person on social media could also mean the same. Also, one final thing. Don’t jump to conclusions if you feel your partner is ticking a couple of boxes. Here, you will have to dig deep. See, if he ticks these boxes quite often and if with time the list goes up, just talk it out before doing anything drastic. Clear? Now, let’s begin!

I Didn’t Search For It, Did You? 

This only works if you and your partner live together and share the same wifi router. Now, when you share the same connection, that means you are using the same IP address. So, there are chances that certain brands may send you ads based on the previous searches that have been made on the signal. Therefore, if you end up seeing ads for things you know you have never searched for in your life or something you know your partner has no use for. Maybe it’s a warning sign!

What Are You Smiling At? 

Remember when you were newly in a relationship? You would look at flirty text messages sent by the one you were seeing, and a smile would creep out of nowhere? Well, use the same logic here. If you see your partner eliciting their smile every now and then while checking their phone, it could mean that something’s wrong. After all, if it were a joke, they would laugh or share it with you. So, if a text message makes them super happy more than often, it is cause for concern.

Am I Not Your Close Friend?

First of all, if your partner doesn’t “friend” you or “follow” you on social media, that’s already something not normal. But if they do and you don’t see their posts often, it’s time to put on your detective hat. What might be the reason? Well, one is obvious. Maybe your partner is not active on social media, and that’s it. Two, they might be using the “close friends” option, such as on Instagram, where you can choose who views your stories and who doesn’t. This option is pretty much available on all social media platforms. So, maybe it is time to do some digging. You could probably ask your partner’s friend to be on your side or send in a fake friend request to check the same.

The Person You Are Trying To Reach Isn’t Available 

Who doesn’t pick up their phone these days? I mean, it’s 2020. Unless you know your partner’s work doesn’t offer them the luxury to answer calls quickly, there is no reason why your call must go answered frequently. If they don’t respond to you for long and come up with a lame excuse for why then duh! Something is indubitably, not right.

Are You Being Accused?

This can be because of the guilt or the insecurity they are facing because of being the cheater. Still, if your partner is accusing you of signs of a cheating partner for no apparent reason, then it can mean that they are the one who’s actually doing it.

Where Did You Learn That? 

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Okay, new bedroom moves can be learned from porn or reading about it. And, maybe your partner’s intention is to merely pleasure you. But, there is also a possibility that they might have picked it from someone else.

Honey, What’s The Password? 

Passwords on the phone are quite common. That’s no cause for alarm if your partner has always kept their phone password protected. But, if they didn’t, and now you suddenly notice a long 6-digit password being asked when you try to open their phone, it is a significant warning sign. Also, if you see that they frequently change their password or are hesitant to give it to you, something’s not right.

Sudden And Intense Affection 

When you are in a relationship for a while, you understand how your partner behaves, and you know the amount of affection he or she showers on you. Now, I know this might sound odd, but if you are suddenly subjected to frequent bursts of affection that’s unexpected and out of character for your partner, then it could be their guilt that’s making them do it.

Why Is The Location OFF! 

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We all have a feature on our phone, like “Find My Friends,” where you can track each other. Maybe, you guys used to have each other’s password, and you might have also tracked him or her before. But, suddenly, you see that their location is off every time then it could be a sign. After all, if they have nothing to hide, why will they switch it off?

Phone Charging Gone Wrong 

Okay, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Suppose your partner was a creature of behavior who would always charge his phone beside the bed, and all of a sudden, he doesn’t or charges it in the kitchen or the living room with him nearby. In that case, it is definitely odd and could definitely mean he doesn’t want you to see his phone. So, if this continues, it could mean signs of a cheating partner with you.

What Took You SO Long! 

Frequent bathroom breaks? Always taking their phone with them? Even while brushing their teeth? Girl, you know it’s not normal.

Losing Sexual Appetite 

Long-distance dating during COVID

Now, if your partner is working long hours and you know is dead tired, we are not talking about you! But, if for no apparent reason, you see that your partner is losing interest in you and even shows disinterest towards sex, which wasn’t that way before, then maybe the reason is that they are getting it somewhere else.

Where Am I on The Schedule

One day, suddenly, if your non-athletic boyfriend has started running and insists on going alone or is taking yoga at 9 in the evening, then my friend, your partner, is definitely hiding something.

Sleeping Separately 

Suddenly your boyfriend complains that you snore and demands to sleep separately? This sudden shift could indicate cheating. Because if he didn’t have a problem sleeping with your snores before, what is the problem now? You get it?

We Don’t Talk Anymore…

Sharing less with you and seeming withdrawn is another sign of a cheating partner, maybe even emotionally, because it could mean that they are unloading their feelings somewhere else and have nothing to say to you.

Why The Irritation?

Always getting irritated for no apparent reason, even for silly things that once didn’t make a difference to them, could be because they are maybe done with you and want to move on in life. However, they are staying because of their guilt, perhaps, and this is coming out in the form of irritation.

Too Much Sex 

If less sex points towards signs of a cheating partner, too much all of a sudden does too because the excitement of an affair can lead to excess passion, which your partner might be sharing it with you too. And, if the whole act is hotter and passionate than before, it could, of course, mean that your partner is again feeling things intensely for you, but in most cases, it’s because they are cheating.

You Never Meet Their Friends 

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You have been dating for a while now, which means you have met some of his friends before. Now, all of a sudden, he says he is hanging out with the said friends, but you never get to meet them anymore. It could be because he is merely using their name to spend time with someone else and is just avoiding confrontation.

You Never Hear About Them 

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Maybe there was this one person, who you know your partner was once attracted to. Now, perhaps this person is a coworker, an old friend, or maybe even someone from college. In conversations, you would hear about this person frequently. But, all of a sudden, it stops. Your partner never talks about this person anymore, and if you bring them up, your partner closes up saying they don’t know anything. Well, if that happens with you, it’s a little fishy.

Your Gut Feeling Matters 

You were once a chilled out girlfriend, and now you feel insecure and jealous. Your gut tells you something is not right. Well, listen to it. Don’t ignore an intuition.

Gets A Makeover 

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We all change our appearance every once in a while. However, if your partner is getting extra conscious about his looks and you see a sudden shift in his wardrobe, then there could be a reason behind this change.

Overcompensating Much?

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Guilt is a powerful tool. Suppose you suddenly see that your partner is talking to you in ultra-luxurious places, buying you expensive gifts, and being extra attentive (which is out of character for your partner). In that case, it means they are trying to compensate for being unfaithful.

Secret Spending 


If you and your partner have been together for long, it means that you are open with each other about your finances too. This is especially true in a marriage or a live-in relationship. Suddenly, you see that your partner is being all secretive about their spending and doesn’t disclose anything to you, then something is brewing.

Using Phone Only Without You

A telltale sign of cheating is that your partner doesn’t even open his or her phone around you, and even when they do, it is faced away from you, ensuring there is no chance you see their screen. They could behave like they are not doing it intentionally, but if this happens always and all of a sudden, you know they don’t want you to see who they are chatting with.

You Are Not Tagged Anymore

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As a couple, it is no secret that you do many things together, and the photos generally go on social media. But, if they don’t tag you anymore or remove themselves from the tag or even sudden, their social media feed is just them, and your presence becomes very thin, then these can be signs.

Always Spontaneous 

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Cheaters generally keep it spontaneous. This is because they know having a said routine can lead to getting caught. So, if you have started dating someone new and with them, spontaneity is the key, then it could mean that he or she is going out with multiple people.

All About Work 

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When he says its work, you will, of course, leave him alone and will not try to eavesdrop, correct? That’s one reason why cheaters always say that they are having work-related conversations when they are talking to the one they are having an affair with.

Remember, these can just indicate signs of a cheating partner and is in no way proof that he or she is. If you are feeling that way, the best thing you can do is, talk it out. Communication is the key here. Make sure they provide you with satisfactory answers. You deserve it!


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