Simple Tips To Help Understand Your Hair Type & Improve Its Texture Naturally

We all value skincare plenty, don’t we. Right from DIY hair  masks to the flawless make we try to achieve, it basically receives a lot of footage. However, when it comes to hair care, it’s just shampoo and conditioner that’s it. But ladies, your hair is craving attention too! And, do you know? When your hair looks exceptional, it elevates your entire look. Also, taking care of your hair will help you enhance its natural beauty, meaning, you don’t have to waste your precious time styling them anymore. So, read on to know more about hour hair type & improve hair texture naturally.

What Is Hair Texture All About?

Hair texture doesn’t mean curly, wavy, or straight, and neither it means oily or dry. Hair texture is basically the width of your hair, whether it is thick, medium, or thin. So, these are the three types of hair texture. Maybe you had thick texture in your teens and now it has changed. But, don’t worry it is natural. As you grow older, there are several factors that affect your hair texture. However, it is only when you understand the texture that you will be able to care for it properly. Let’s dig deeper.

Fine or Thin Hair

Whenever you tightly tie your hair, if your scalp is visible or applying too much hair products makes it oily, then it means you have a fine texture. They are made of only cortex and cuticle, hence, you are more prone to hair damage and hair fall.

Medium Hair

Medium hair too is made of the two layers as fine hair, i.e., cortex and cuticle. However, they are more resilient towards breakage and hair damage. If too much of your scalp isn’t visible, but just a little, it means you have medium hair.

Thick Hair

If you have a head full of hair and the scalp is barely visible, it means you are blessed with thick hair. It has an extra layer known as the medulla. Hence, it doesn’t get damaged easily.

Maybe you are someone who once had thick hair but now you see, it is medium. This happens because of various factors such as hair coloring, pollution, medications, deficiency, etc. But, fret not. The good news is that you can Your improve hair texture naturally at home without putting in much effort. Below mentioned are the tips.

How To Boost Your Hair Texture Naturally

Coconut Oil

Do you remember when you used to oil your hair every day? That’s one of the reasons why you had thick and healthy hair back then. Coconut oil is simply exquisite for your hair. Massage warm coconut oil to your scalp twice a week and leave it overnight and wash it off with a mild shampoo in the morning. Just give it a month and you will notice shiny and bouncy hair. Coconut oil is a staple in most brown households!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E, which means it is beneficial for your hair. It consists of antibacterial properties, which can give it a voluminous effect that we all crave for by getting rid of the extra sebum. Also, it is a natural conditioner, which means, you will end up with shiny and soft hair. You can do this once a week. For this, you will need gel of an aloe vera leaf. Just scrape the gel from inside the leaf and blend it. Then apply it all over your hair, even the scalp, and let it sit for an hour. Then wash it off. Thinking of investing in an aloe plant? You should!

Onion Juice

Onion is rich in sulfur, which is great for your hair and gives it the necessary strength and elasticity. Also, it aids hair growth and nourishes your hair follicles. This method is pretty simple. Juice an onion and with the help of a cotton pad or a spray bottle, apply the juice on your scalp and you let it sit overnight or for a couple of hours. Then rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry Oil

Amla oil is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which is beneficial in boosting the texture of your hair and repairing the follicles from the root. You can purchase pure amla oil and use it like coconut oil. Let it sit overnight and wash it off in the morning.

A Healthy Diet

Apart from trying to externally enhance the texture, you must try to beautify it simultaneously from the inside too. How can you do it? With a healthy diet. Add foods such as carrot, spinach, citrus fruits, eggs, milk, nuts, and more. Make sure you consume a balanced meal every day.

Things Not To Do While Trying To Improve Hair Texture Naturally

  •     Don’t color or bleach your hair as the products are infused with chemicals, which is not good for the hair.
  •     Avoid using heat. Keep your straighteners and hair dryers away as much as possible.
  •     Don’t towel dry your hair. Always squeeze off the excess water using a thin towel or a t-shirt and let your hair air dry.
  •     Never comb your hair when it is wet. If you must, use a wide-tooth comb. In fact, it is better to brush your hair before the shower.
  •     Apply natural hair masks regularly.
  •     Super hot showers are not good for your hair. So, keep it cool.
  •     Don’t wash your hair too frequently.

So, these were some of the do’s and don’ts for you to follow for gorgeous hair. Finally, be patient and do it for at least a couple of months to actually see any results. Also, if you think your hair is too damaged, opt for a trim and then start trying these remedies.

If you think we have missed something, do write to us at or you can also comment below. We will see you soon with another useful article.

Until then take good care of yourself!


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