How To Fight Coronasomnia
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Sleepless Nights? Here’s How To Fight ‘Coronasomnia’ With 7 Simple Steps

When the pandemic made its presence felt, the sudden shift in my routine was frankly overwhelming. While weekends were spent with friends and family and helped me unwind and get through my stressful days, Coronavirus put me on a house arrest, making it extremely difficult and lonely. But thankfully, work was by my side to keep me company during the stressful days. I made sure I had a routine to follow and overwork myself to keep any overthinking or anxiety at bay. Here some tips for how to fight coronasomnia.

Although this tactic worked for a few days, it simply stopped after a while. Despite staying busy with office and housework from day till night, closing my eyes didn’t send me into a slumber that I so badly craved. Train of thoughts would run through my mind, and so would the clock. And by the time tiredness would take over me, I would see that the clock would strike six, and a new day starts, whether I like it or not. To ensure that it doesn’t affect my work and put me in a financial crunch, I tried the system of taking naps every now and then but alas! I could see that sleepless nights deteriorated my health and adversely affected my office work, and my home (I am a cleanliness freak) was a mess.

However, when I tried Google-ing for symptoms, I realized that I wasn’t alone. According to research, it is seen that people from across the globe have been going through the same situation as me, i.e., they are going through corona induced insomnia, which is known as coronasomnia.

Why Are People Experiencing Coronasomnia?

According to experts, it is because of the pandemic. The unexpected shift in our lives that we have to deal with, along with unstable careers and finances, and also dreading about our lives, has induced anxiety and panic. These main culprits are causing sleepless nights. Today, no matter how hard we motivate ourselves, there is a lingering vulnerability everywhere. And, when you lose sleep, it further heightens the emotions, and the cycle continues.

7 Ways To Fight Coronasomnia 

  • Make sure you follow a routine
  • Get ready for bed
  • Say no to toxic positivity
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Don’t rely on alcohol or caffeine
  • Take social media breaks
  • Don’t eat junk food

Note: If you have been experiencing the coronasomnia symptoms, i.e., sleep-deprivation, then give these tips a try. However, if the problem pertains, don’t hesitate to talk to a therapist. You can easily find one online. Now, coming back to the tips, take a look.

Make Sure You Follow A Routine


Although it seems like a simple thing, believe me when I say this, having a proper routine is essential, especially if you are working from home. When the pandemic started, I made the mistake of having no set timetable. I would work through the nights and sleep through the mornings. It was fun for a while, but soon I started feeling very anxious, and things started taking a toll on me. However, after I began to maintain a set routine, I feel so much better and happier. Therefore;

  • Follow a schedule. Don’t wake up too late or go to bed too late
  • Cut down your nap sessions
  • Eat healthy
  • Try exercising at home
  • Try meditation, journaling, or pick up a new hobby that you can do it from home to beat the blues

Get Ready For Bed

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Do you have a habit of working on your bed? Well, this might also be the reason why you are experiencing coronasomnia. You need to have a separate workspace because you are confusing your brain since you are on your bed all the time. It is not able to parse between sleep and work, and the anxiety and tension from work are carried forward, making you sleep-deprived.

You can also create a sort of ritual before you hit the sheets to signal your brain that you are ready for sleep. You can take a shower, change into comfy clothes, or go through your nighttime skincare routine, whatever helps you to how to fight coronasomnia.

Say No To Toxic Positivity 

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Whenever you are feeling low, people try to tell you to be grateful for what you have. But, sometimes, inducing positivity seems impossible. So, it’s okay, keep it real. Let it all out. And then, if you are facing a problem, try to come up with a solution because there is always one. Trying to stay positive when you don’t feel it is simply toxic and help to fight coronasomnia

Practice Mindfulness

Be mindful in everything you do. Right from eating to sleeping, it can help you remain calm and give you a way out of your anxiety. Mindfulness is an intense awareness of your environment, feels, and senses.

Don’t Rely On Alcohol Or Caffeine (Too Much)


A cup of coffee every morning and some alcohol here and there is okay. But, when you are stuck at home, there are chances that you might start depending on them heavily, especially when you are not getting proper sleep. So, try not to consume caffeine after 2 PM and don’t drink alcohol all too frequently.

Take Social Media Breaks 

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Always being on social media can be depressing too. So, try to avoid it as much as possible. Also, while you are at it, don’t always be on your phone. Of course, work calls are important, and so is family, but every day at least for an hour put it on DND mode and relax.

Don’t Eat Junk Food 

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With the food deliveries on and you not able to step out, there are chances where you might feel like binge-eating burgers or fries. But don’t. Have some self-control because your health is a priority right now. Once in a while is fine, obviously. Not every day.

So, these were some of our tried and tested tips. We hope this helps you. If you have anything to share or any suggestion, write to us at


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