Things Your Lip Color Can Tell You About Your Health

Our lips are one of our very beautiful features, isn’t it? Just a dash of color can make you look put together, But, did you know? Your lips can actually do a lot more. What is it? They can tell you so much about your health. In fact, according to Chinese traditional medicine, our lip color and health go hand in hand as the first indication of any ailment is seen on the lips. If you ever notice it changing colors, it means that your body is trying to tell you there is something wrong. So, let dig deeper and find out what warnings do different lip colors give us.

Pale or White Lips

If you suddenly notice your lips pale or a little white, what your lips can tell you about your health here is that maybe you are anemic, which means your body is missing the necessary dose of hemoglobin. It is the main part of your red blood cells and is necessary to bind oxygen. So, if you continue to have pale lips, it is better for you to visit a doctor. Also, you can start eating iron-rich foods, which include; spinach, beetroots, dry fruits, and more.

Dry Lips

Dry lips are quite common. We have all been there at one point or another. It gets even worse when you have a habit of biting or peeling it. What this says about your health is that you are dehydrated or the dry weather is getting to you. However, despite drinking plenty of water and keeping it moisturized, if you still suffer from the same problem, visiting a dermatologist is your best option as it might be an allergy or a skin irritation.

Red Lips

What your lip color says about your health when it is red is that your body is overheated. However, along with it, if you start to notice bad breath and an intense craving for salty snacks then it might also suggest that there is something wrong with your liver, which in turn is making your body overly heated. Also, it can also be an indication of allergy from anything you might have recently eaten or drunk.

Purple or Blue Lips

If this occurs during winters, it is quite normal and you have nothing to worry about. But, if this becomes a persisting issue then it might be because of a heart or a respiratory issue. However, if you notice greenish tint on the lining of your lips, it can also be because the blood circulation of the body is not proper. Also, if you notice a purple line around your lips, according to Chinese traditional medicine, it might mean that your body contains negativity or there is no proper balance. This requires you to detoxify your body.

Very Dark, Almost Black

If you notice very dark and almost black lips, it means that your digestive system is overloaded or is suffering from stress. This requires you to go through a cleanse. Eating clean and healthy food in proper amounts is the way to do it.

Pinkish lips

Why we say pinkish, we are not talking about literal pink lips because not every one dons pink lips. By pink, it can be rosy pink or even your natural lip color, which you have had for ages. So, if you are lucky enough that the color of your lips is still as natural as the way they were from when you were younger, it means you are healthy.

So, what color are your lips? Make sure they are healthy! Always pay attention to it and you are good to go.



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