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Tips to strengthen your immune system

It is never too late to buckle up and enhance your immune system, especially with the pandemic in place, health becomes a priority. So, what should you do? We bring you a few tips and tricks, which if you incorporate in your daily routine, can help elevate your immunity and health. Take a look.

1.Vitamin C is said to prevent the common cold and also boost our immune system. It is also a powerful antioxidant and can help reduce respiratory distress syndrome. Therefore, make sure you include them in your diet regularly. Food with vitamin c include;

  •     Oranges
  •     Grapes
  •     Bananas
  •     Carrots
  •     Apples
  •     Gooseberries

2. Try to consume a low-carb diet as it can help keep your blood pressure and sugar in control.

3. Iron is a crucial component when it comes to strengthening your immune system. Therefore, incorporate iron-rich food in your diet, such as liver, honey, bananas, and dry fruits.

4. Probiotics help promote natural antibodies in your system and boost immune cells, such as T lymphocytes, IgA-producing cells, and more. Yogurt and curd are rich in probiotics.

5. One of the most common mistakes we make is that we don’t prioritize sleep. For most adults, it is necessary that they opt for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.

6. Salmon, chia seeds, and olive oil contain healthy fats, which can help enhance the body’s immunity by containing the inflammation.

7. Reduce your sugar intake as it helps you lose weight and also decrease inflammation. This helps you fight chronic conditions, such as type-2 diabetes.


Hope this helps!

Also, if you plan on taking any additional supplements, always consult your doctor before you do it.


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