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Types of backpacks you must own!

Whether you are off to work or ready to move your hips at a party, we all need something to carry all our essentials in. Now, some women take the handbag route while some truly love their backpacks. Now you are probably wondering, bags have their own limitations, right? Because you cannot carry a bulky black or brown sack everywhere. Well, my friend, the good news is, there is a backpack for everything, even a backpack for parties. Don’t believe it? Well, take a look for different types of backpacks.

Types of Backpacks for School 

When it comes to school or college, a backpack is your savior. You need something that can fit all your books and stationery, along with your electronics, snacks, and other essentials that you need to carry. Now, unlike before, you don’t have to settle for something dull. There are so many designs and patterns available in the market today that you are simply sorted. For instance, if you are an anime fan, you can buy something with it on your pack, or if you are looking for something feminine, you will find the bag of your dreams too. Right from furry ones to glittery goodness, your options are plenty.

Backpacks for Office

Today, most of us shy away from using leather because of the animal cruelty attached to it. But unlike types of backpacks for school, you cannot carry vibrant ones to your office because that just doesn’t create the right impression. When at work, you want to display your mature and confident side. So, it would help if you had something in dark and neutral colors, such as brown, black, or navy blue. Instead of leather, today several other options give you the same look and feel but are either chemically obtained or organically. So, that’s some good news.

If you remember, a while back, a mature bag meme was trending. But those bags are amazing. They are sturdy; you can even easily carry your laptop, lunch, water bottle, make-up, and so much more. In fact, I have something similar looking, which I carry to work every day!

Backpacks for Trekking 

Trekking types of backpacks have been in the market for ages now. They are designed in such a way that you can put all your essentials into it and comfortably walk, without feeling the weight of it. When it comes to backpacks for traveling or trekking, it is always best to opt for high-end ones or at least something from a mid-segment range. Why? Because the cheaper ones might look comfy, but they are not actually designed for comfort. And, the material used is also of utmost importance because you don’t want it to tear in the middle of your trek or travels. So, choose something sturdy, with a hip belt and a nice frame. Before you invest, try it on. Feel it. Only then go on and purchase it.

Backpacks for Cycling 

If you are someone who commutes by bike, the bag is an excellent way to carry your stuff without feeling the weight of it. Today, you will find specially designed backpacks for cycling, which are sleek and also waterproof. Also known as the commuter backpack, it is convenient and doesn’t get in between your peddling, changing gears, etc.

Backpacks for Parties 

Oh yes! There are different types of backpacks available for parties. Small and stylish ones, you can even groove to the rhythm with them hanging on your shoulders. And, there are a plethora of varieties available, and each one incredible. When it comes to buying party bags, you need something that’s a little sturdy, but otherwise, you are good to go.

Hydration Backpacks 

If you are an outdoor kind of person, who prefers having adventures in the wild, then hydration backpacks are great for you because you have your own water supply in a backpack. Reminds you of a camel, doesn’t it? Well, these backpacks come in 2 to 10 liters. They fit snugly, and you will easily be able to carry them without feeling the heavyweight.

Snowsports backpack 

If skiing is something you love, then it is time for you to invest in your travel companion, aka snowsports backpack. The minimal movement of it helps you move forward without many efforts, and it is roomy enough for you to carry your skis and snowboards too. These are specialty backpacks, therefore, if you are planning to invest in it, opt for a good brand because you want it to be strong enough to avoid any breakdowns when you are amidst snow!

So, these were our views on backpack essentials. Do you think we have missed something? Then let us know in the comment section below, or you can always write to us at hello@bloomercraze.com


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