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Using Johnson’s Baby Cream In Your Late 20s

When it comes to skincare, despite being in my late 20s, I still haven’t found the right match. Some moisturizers are either too expensive or they don’t get the job done. Right from causing breakouts to drying out my skin, I have had a tough time with them. And, that’s when I thought, why not try baby cream? At least it will do no harm after all babies use it.

In the market, I stumbled upon several brands, but Johnson’s, being the most popular one, I bought their rice and milk baby lotion for myself. One of the benefits of using baby lotion is that they are gentle and fragrance-free, which is definitely a good thing. Also, these creams are devised to ensure that babies’ skin is kept well-moisturized as they tend to dry out during the first few weeks of their lives. So, that meant, properly moisturized skin!

The Results

I used Johnson’s baby lotion for almost a month. I have fairly normal skin, with some pigmentation but no acne. So, after a month, my skin was well moisturized for the first time. I had no breakouts and it had a dewy glow. But that’s it, if you are expecting more, you will be disappointed. All it does is it keeps your skin hydrated and adds a subtle glow. Using a baby cream is also great before you apply your makeup as it keeps your skin moisturized.

If you give it a try, do let us know your experience.


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