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Ways To Shake Off Work Pressure And Make Weekdays More Fun

Does the first day of your workweek overwhelm you? Does it make you feel anxious and almost sad? Are you someone who waits fervently for Fridays to come? Is motivation nowhere to be found? Well, my friend, you are probably suffering from a severe case of Monday blues. Here some tips how to handle work pressure & Make Weekdays More Fun.

So, what exactly are Monday Blues? The depressing emotion one goes through during their workweek is known as Monday Blues. This generally occurs when you are not happy with your job or your company in general. It is a negative feeling that is accompanied by hopelessness and an unpleasant sentiment that makes you feel almost uneasy before going to work.

Today, Monday blues has become a frequent occurrence for many. But the problem is that no one takes it seriously. It is not necessary that you embrace negativity and continue the way things are. And, neglecting it thinking of it as a phase will not change the fact that there is something seriously wrong because you are supposed to feel happy and energetic during your workweek. So, if you have been feeling down, take it as a warning sign and apply these tips to help you break free.

Figure Out The Problem

Figure it out

There is a problem and that’s why you have been feeling so low when at work. So, the first step is that you must figure out what the problem is because without that you cannot come up with a solution. Is it your work that keeps you unsatisfied? Are your colleagues unfriendly? Or maybe you feel that your bosses don’t appreciate you enough? Well, whatever the reason is, be honest with yourself and take charge of the situation. There is always a way out.

Be Fully Prepared For The Week

Woman making lists

Sometimes, we feel the Monday blues because the amount of work that comes your way on Mondays can be slightly overwhelming.  So, when this feeling becomes a regular occurrence, you start losing the happiness that you once felt when you were new to the company. Therefore, to make things easier, always be prepared. Instead of coming up with a weekly plan on Monday, do it on Friday. This way, you will be prepared for the entire week well in advance and when you reach your office on Monday after a relaxing weekend, you won’t feel lost.

List Of Things That Excite You

Plan exciting things

Generally, we all make a list of things that we are supposed to do. However, let’s turn it around a little. Come up with a list of things that make you happy at work. It can be anything and everything. This small exercise will help you get over the negativity. Do this exercise every Friday as this can help you tackle your work on Monday with immense positivity.

Weekends Are For Relaxing

Relaxing weekends

Try to avoid work on weekends. If you are wondering how to make the weekend feel like the weekend then Reserve weekends just for yourself. Do something fun and exciting. Maybe you can take up a hobby, such as painting or music, or you can take up a course to enhance your career.

So, how to make the weekend feel like the weekend? The key here is to pamper yourself during your week offs so than you can rejuvenate yourself and face the coming week with utter happiness. Also, always finish your work on time. Shifting your pending work to weekends can also be one of the reasons why you feel overwhelmed by your work because you are not keeping some time aside for yourself. Even if your workweeks are hectic, plan it immaculately and finish your work then and there. This will also erase any residual guilt you carry because of your work not getting done on time, meaning, you won’t then keep thinking about your work continuously.

Sleep Well

sleep well

You need at least 7 hours of sleep every day. When you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up sluggish and tired and stay irritated and sleepy throughout the day. This will hamper your productivity, which will, in turn, lead to a bout of anxiety. So, sleep well! This is one of the ways to make weekdays fun.

Exercise Regularly

exercise regularly

You need some sunshine on you regularly. So, go outside and exercise. You can either go for a run or even take a relaxing walk, the choice is yours. Even if you are someone who loves going to the gym, keep at least 15 minutes aside for outdoor exercises. Mostly, we are all stuck in our cubicles in the office then we are stuck at home. But take a break and enjoy nature. When you do this regularly, you feel a new sense of joy engulfing you. This is one of the ways to make weekdays fun.

Don’t Wake Up In A Hurry

wake up in a relaxing manner

Waking up late leads to anxiety. Instead, wake up at least 15 minutes before you are supposed to. Sit on your bed. Relax. You can say a small prayer before you get out of bed or even mediate. Some people use this time to journal or you can also simply talk to yourself. Use this time to encourage yourself and repeat positive affirmations as it can lead to a happy and productive day. Never start your day in a hurry.

Dress For Success

Dress For Success

Always make it a point to dress well when you leave for your office. This makes you feel ready to tackle any hassles. Dressing for success also fills you with confidence, which is a necessary tool when you are at work. Make sure you plan your outfit the night before for your next day. If you like makeup, go for it. When you feel good about yourself, even a negative workspace won’t hamper your spirit.

If you are someone who works from home, then make sure you have a designated workspace and work only there. Take a shower and finish your morning chores before you begin your work. Take short breaks and focus on finishing your work at the given time.

Keep Monday Mornings Light

Keep Monday Mornings Light

Mondays are usually the busiest days because it comes after weekends. So, always make sure your Monday morning schedule is light. You can do routine stuff instead of tackling complicated issues. Once you get into that zone, you can pick up the pace in your second half of the day. Therefore, when you plan your week on Friday, do it this way as it helps you keep your calm and also doesn’t affect your productivity.

Be Positive

Be positive

Finally, remain positive. We generally don’t appreciate all the good things that bless our life and focus on only the negative. A few things you can do to help enhance your positivity quotient us;

  •         Listen to music in the mornings
  •         Don’t wake up late
  •         Journaling helps
  •         Practice mindfulness
  •         Eat your breakfast
  •         Do a quick workout at home
  •         Encourage yourself to be your best self every morning
  •         Make an effort to talk to your colleagues
  •         Don’t complain
  •         Meditate
  •         Always take breaks in between work to stretch

Hope this helps you! Let us know if you try these tips. 


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