Meaning Of Feminism

What Really Is The Meaning Of Feminism? Are We Getting It Right?

Feminism. Some get it right, some struggle with it while some downright hate it. Now, before we proceed, let’s just get the right meaning behind such a heavy word. Feminism means treating women as equal to men. That’s it. It doesn’t mean putting down men, or it doesn’t mean hating them. All it means is getting rid of the gender stereotype to ensure women are given their rightful place in the society without any bias. It is such a small thing, but most of us are unable to comprehend the meaning behind the word. But, are we truly getting it correct? Let’s take a look meaning of feminism.

Homemakers Can Be Feminists Too 

Women putting other women down is a sad, sad thing to see. This is something that truly hurts my hurt. Only career or progressive women are not feminists. If her choice is to be a homemaker, it is a personal decision taken by that said woman. So, if that’s her choice, we must respect it, not degrade it. Let me give you an example. My grandmother is a strong woman who is opinionated and is most of the time right (grandmothers, you see!). For a while, in her youth, she had a career, which she quit to support my grandfather and take care of her children. No one forced her. It was her own choice. And, she is a feminist through and through. So, instead of trying to fit women in a mould, which we think is correct, it is time we embrace them for who they are. Today, there are some women who think a homemaker isn’t a feminist. That’s not the case. As long as it isn’t forced on her, she has the right to do as she pleases! Let’s get that right.

Feminism Isn’t Man-Hating 

The stigma surrounding feminism is that feminists hate men. Nope. All we want is equality in every sense and nothing more. Strong feminist women have loving husbands and a family. They are in no way trying to eradicate the male essence, but only struggling to find a place of their own. Once when I told my male friend that I am a feminist, he automatically assumed that I have an agenda to hate men. I had to go ahead and explain it word by word. That’s not the case. So, let’s not simply assume that we feminists hate men or in any way trying to degrade them. That’s absolutely not the case. Hence, the next time someone tells you they are feminists, know that all they are looking for is equality.

Men Are Feminists Too

Some people think that it’s only women who are feminist. But, that’s not the case my friend. Men can be feminists too. There are men who believe in equality too. And, that’s simply beautiful. Some men too fight for women who are denied their rights. But, there are also some who make fun of men who support women. It is high time we end that. After all, they are trying to make the world a better place.

You Have No Say In What She Wears

The society we live in judges women for her every action, especially the clothes she wears. But why? Do we ever judge men because of what they wear? No. Then why do we do this with women? You are supposed to respect her regardless of what she wears. Whether it is a saree or a bikini, it is her body and her choice. So, let’s not interfere in her personal preference.

Not Promoting Harmful Habits 

The last point that we get absolutely wrong is that we think feminism means asking women to smoke or drink. Nope. For instance, a man is drinking in a bar; people don’t even bother to look there because, for them, that’s something normal. Now, when a woman drinks or smokes, she is branded as characterless. Now, that’s where we get it wrong. Just like a man is allowed to do as he pleases, a woman should be too. Of course, if you are concerned about their health, you must tell them why it is harmful. But nothing more. Once while I was smoking a cigarette with a friend, a guy came up to me and said, “You do realize that you are a woman, don’t you,” why? Because I had a cigarette in hand. When I questioned him on how it concerns him, he went on to lecture me about how people will see me as a “bad girl,” and I must refrain from doing so. All the while, my male friend was not given any lecture. And no, this is in no way a promotion towards smoking or drinking. It really is dangerous to the health so stay away.

These were the three things we mostly get it wrong on a daily basis. What do you think? Let us know at



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