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Woman of the Week – Nanditha

This week, we bring you the story of a young girl, who has risen against the odds and is doing so much with life that it will give you some serious inspirational boost. She is a mindset coach, and artist, and a writer, whose book is releasing on Amazon soon. At just the age of 17, she is achieving things and winning the race, whereas most of us are still struggling to find our paths. Without further ado, read our Woman of the Week, Nanditha Biju story right here

How was your childhood?

My childhood was pretty fun. I was born in a village. I had a lot of friends. We played several games together (not video games LoL). We didn’t have a color TV. We watched shows on an Onida black and white tv. The only channel available was Doordarshan (national channel). There was a time limit for telecasting shows. Till 12 pm it’s Hindi and after that Malayalam. I think I belong to those few people who were born in the ’20s and enjoyed the 90’s in all their glory. Now I’m missing all of that.

What did you aspire to be when you were little?

Honestly, when I was little I was this girl with no particular goals. I was more of a free bird girl. But looking back now I always had this teeny weeny desire to become a doctor.

Could you take us through your work, please give us a brief about it?

I’m a writer, artist, mindset coach, and author (the book is releasing on Amazon soon). I am a self-taught artist. I do art for fun and relaxation. Art and poetry are the places where I  express my emotions. It’s my lifeline. Being a Mindset coach can be tough sometimes because you also break down at times. It’s a good job because I could make a little change to a person’s life. As someone said somewhere ‘happiness is when you make others happy’.

What made you choose this line of work?

My mother. She was the person who was affected the most by my wheelchair life. Because she didn’t expect it. And she was always depressed and sad. So I started painting and poetry. And tried to cheer her up by motivational words and jokes. Slowly my mom began to change from a gloomy person to an energetic and happy one. That for me was a call to start something new.

Was there an incident that inspired it?

When I was eight I was affected by a virus attack that affected my spine. Which led me into a paralyzed stage. I was also in depression for 1 year or so. And my profession told me to think differently.

What does your daily routine look like?

It’s not like a fixed routine. There’s nothing special. It goes with the flow and I like it that way. I usually wake up at 7 am because of online classes. Sometimes I oversleep (if I’m working.). Brush my teeth and have breakfast. After that, I would complete my homework. Then binge watch Netflix. Then I’ll read a book, now I’m reading “I’ve got your number” by Sophie Kinsella. (You shouldn’t always have to read all the business-related books). Somedays After this I’ll research the things I want to make a video or post. After that, I do some exercise. Then I attend my classes. Finally. I go to google drive and write the things for my book and posts. Then I’ll go to bed.

What do you think are your biggest achievements?

All my achievements are big for me. But if I have to choose something I will say I’m surrounded by nice people. If they weren’t there I wouldn’t make it till here. That’s a thing I always say to people: surround yourself with some nice people. It’s better than a big group of fake people.

Was it difficult in the beginning to follow your dreams?

Several of them. But in the first place my condition. In society, there’s still this thought that ‘oh they can’t do it cause they’re disabled’. And this really questioned my dreams and desires. If I wanna do something I start to think can I do it with my condition?

What was your hustle journey like?

It was difficult and unique. I didn’t have any idea what I’ll do. I was afraid of doing things. There’s this quote from Dr. Spencer Johnson ‘what would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ Looking back I think I would have been braver to face things.

Long story short I got a great woman in my life, Lauren Turton. She told me to start an Instagram page. It was pretty tough at the beginning then it succeeded. And we started to implement the strategies we had in mind and here I’m. Much braver and much more determined.

What are some of the challenges you deal with even today? And, how do you overcome them?

Insecurities. When I become dependent on a wheelchair. People took it in a twisted way. They assumed that I can’t do anything. And honestly, there was this one incident where one of my relatives told my mother how I will lead a married life. LoL. And at that time I was only ten or so. And these so-called good people began to inject insecurities inside. Imagine a 10-year-old getting class from relatives to become fair, to make your body perfect (even though it’s not possible). Yeah, that was pretty much my life.

I overcome them by not listening to those people. And the condition is really bad. I’ll put on my headphones and watch Netflix!

With success also comes failure. So, tell us, how do you deal with failures? What keeps you going?

We think that failure is bad. But honestly, it’s nice to be fair sometimes. If you’ve learned to walk you should also learn to fall. I deal with them with hope and determination. It’s a simple tip. Imagine if you’re playing ludo. You are against three people. You make your moves really sharp and careful. But towards the end, you rushed a bit and that gave your opponent a chance and they knocked you down. What do you feel? Sad right. Cause it’s your hard work that got ruined. Your dreams.

Now imagine you got a second chance, with the same opponents. This time they are mocking you. You’re silent. They mock you more. The game started. You now know what was your fault. And you make every move carefully. You’ve reached the same place and the same opponent. But a change is this time you moved your second coin. And the opponent doesn’t have a choice other than moving their coin. You got a chance to knock them but you didn’t. And you knocked all three opponents by winning. This is what I do. When I think I’m failing I put my headphones and listen to ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten in full volume and tell myself that ‘there’s a lot of fight left in me’.

Do you have a mantra or motto for life?

This is a scene from a Barbie movie that I watched. See it before you do. First, imagine you’ve achieved your goal and then do things to make it a reality.

Has the pandemic hindered your future plans? How are you dealing with it?

Like everybody else, I wasn’t prepared for it.

It kinda raised questions inside me about my future. But I deal with it by saying ‘I know you’re here my anxiety. But you can’t affect me. Cause I know my future plans will come true’. It’s a tip I got from Lauren

What do you have in store for the future?

UBC in Canada that’s my dream college and place. It’s not just a dream it’s like a lifetime goal. I always wanted to be in a place with snow and maple leaves. And the first place that comes to my mind is Canada. And publishing my Book on Amazon. These two my ultimate goals for now.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

Not everyone is gonna like you for your actions. So be the person who you want to be. Don’t waste your precious time for those who don’t care about you. Dream it and achieve it.

If someone wishes to choose your line of work, what is the advice for them? How do they go about it?

There will be times where you want to give up. Where you feel tired. At those times just hold your hope tight and talk to someone whom you feel safe and secured or spend some time alone to sort things. Or do whatever you think can make you feel better.

Just don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.

A young girl filled with wisdom and words! Let’s take a page out of her book and learn to do things that fill us with joy. And, whenever you feel like you are failing, listen to ‘Fight Song,’ it might just work for you!

Hope it was an enjoyable read. You can follow her on Instagram at @nanditha_biju

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