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Woman Of The Week – Nikita Verma

From being a computer science engineer to rocking the influencer world, Nikita Verma is someone to look out for. A fashion blogger who’s passion for fashion and beauty helped her take a different route when it comes to her career, you can read her story here and get a hefty dose of inspiration that can help you in your own endeavors.

How was your childhood?

My childhood was just a normal childhood, staying with parents, playing with friends, getting beaten up, but I was too studious and hard-working since childhood only. I always had an interest in dressing up and using mom’s makeup.

What did you aspire to be when you were little?

I aspired to be a doctor when I was small. But with time it kept on changing. Finally, I decided to do B.Tech. I didn’t want to be an engineer either but I think earlier we had only two options. If not Doctor, so Engineer. I never thought I would choose blogging as my career. I never heard of it before going to Delhi. I belong to Bihar. My parents and people living in my hometown know nothing about it till now.

Could you take us through your work, please give us a brief about it

I started blogging in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle field 2 years ago. Whatever I do, I give my 100% to it. When I started it, I had no clue about insights but I kept on working hard following my passion. I came to know that my passion can be turned into a career when I got my first paid collaboration and started getting recognition. I realized very closely that hard work never goes in vain.

What made you choose this line of work?

I was passionate about fashion and beauty. Till my 12th, I was very studious and gave my heart and soul to academics. So after coming to college, I wanted to explore beyond that. I started my blog with fashion posts and doing shoots for my page. Slowly I started taking this seriously and worked harder.

What does your daily routine look like?

I’m not a morning person. I wake up around 9 am. After that, I drink hot water and have my breakfast. Then I start with my work which lasts till evening or sometimes a little earlier, just a break in between for lunch. In the evening, I like to go for a car drive to lighten up my mind. After coming back, I go to my workout. I have my dinner at around 8 pm. I’m a night person, I sleep late.

What do you think are your biggest achievements?

The biggest achievements are yet to come. Some of them till now would be getting chance to work with some amazing brands like L’oréal Paris, Maybelline, Daniel Wellington, Myntra, Amazon, The face shop, Kaya, Bath&Body works and many more. My article on sustainable fashion got featured in Maharashtra newspaper ‘Sakal Times’ last year. I got many recognitions and features on social media for my work.

What is difficult in the beginning to follow your dreams?

I told my parents that now I’m a fashion blogger. They didn’t understand and let it go without trying to understand. I think family support is very important at the beginning which I didn’t get. Still, I didn’t give up.

What was your hustle journey like?

I was very fat before I started blogging. I lost around 20 kgs which weren’t easy at all. My hustle journey is all about trying to manage my grades and make my mark in this new industry which I stepped back then. Hustle journey is about giving exams and doing shoots, nothing in between.

What are some of the challenges you deal with even today?

I have got many criticisms from my family and relatives on what I wear, what I do, where I go and whatnot. I never let all those affect me. I believe in myself. I know what I’m doing. Other challenges are I want to do much more than what I am able to do now. Just I’m not getting all the time, place, and freedom to be as creative as I can be. I’m patient and waiting for the right time. Till then, not stopping anyway.

With success also comes failure. So, tell us, how do you deal with failures? What keeps you going?

Of course, there were and there are many failures. I failed many times in making my parents understand about what I do. Not all my posts are appreciated, sometimes the engagement rate goes down. Right now, I’m in my hometown with not many resources available for a proper shoot. Due to this, I’m losing on many projects which I could do if I would be in Delhi. Just believe in yourself. Everything will fall in place with time. Keep doing your work, be focused.

Do you have a mantra or motto for life?

My mantra for life is I go with the flow. I listen to my heart. I don’t pay attention to criticism. I’m very focused and nothing can deviate me from achieving my goals.

Has the pandemic hindered your future plans? How are you dealing with it?

Of course, It hindered lots of my future plans. I’m right now sitting in my home town with not many resources to do my shoots but I have made a virtual studio in my room to continue doing my work. I do all my efforts to complete the brand collaborations as they want even if I’m not at the right place. There are no fancy locations here. Also, future plans were much more than just good shoots.

What do you have in store for the future?

The future is unpredictable but hard work surely pays off. I would love to work with some international brands in the coming years. I also want to start my own label but couldn’t plan things due to the pandemic.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

I would say Don’t give up on your dreams. Work hard to make your dreams come true. Nobody would do it for you. Learn to take your stand and fight for yourself and your dreams. Some people will always criticize you no matter what you do. So, focus on what’s good for you.

If someone wishes to choose your line of work, what is the advice for them? How do they go about it?

I would like to say Don’t copy others. Be yourself. Be inspired by others but don’t copy. Be original. If you start, don’t leave it in middle. Be active and consistent about posting, interacting, creating content for your page. Keep working hard on your page, it will surely grow.

So readers, always be original. Crave your own path and keep working hard because that’s the only way to achieve your goals. 

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