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Woman Of The Week – Pragati Gupta

Our woman of the week is someone who turned her passion into a career. Pragati Gupta  is a content and copywriter based out of Bhopal, India, who fell into the writing gig after completing her MBA in Marketing. An adventurous soul, an avid reader, who loves her chocolates and coffee, Pragati Gupta story will give you a kick of inspiration that will help you pursue your own dreams. Keep reading to know more.

How was your childhood? 

Perfect! Being a single child and coming from a joint family, I was pampered a lot. I was an adventurous little girl, fascinated by the business world. My mom is a businesswoman and I really admire her. And that’s the secret of my dedication and hard work! My mom used to be very strict, but as soon as I entered my teenage years, we became best friends. From things related to friends to highs and lows in business, I share every detail with her.

What did you aspire to be when you were little?

I always want to be like my mom. Strong and independent!

Could you take us through your work, please give us a brief about it?

I am a content creator and copywriter. I help businesses to create content that helps in boosting sales. Being a full-time freelancer, my work is not just limited to creating content but to look at other aspects as well, like marketing, branding, managing finances, etc. So, I rather call it a business.

What made you choose this line of work? Was there an incident that inspired it?

I grew up in a business family so I always had clarity that I want something more than a 9-5 job. From a very early stage, I was exposed to the nitty-gritty of the business world and it used to fascinate me a lot. So, that was the biggest decision making factor. Also, I loved creating content. So, finally, here I am.

What does your daily routine look like?

My typical day starts with a cup of coffee followed by checking the emails. Then, I organize my workspace, dress up, and have breakfast. After that, I prepare a to-do-list and get started.

What do you think are your biggest achievements?

I still have to go a long way. As of now, I am happy and proud of the person I am. Also, when someone says that they are inspired by me or admire me and my work, I feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Was it difficult in the beginning to follow your dreams?

My family is very supportive and I feel so blessed for that. But yes, a lot of sacrifices and getting out of my comfort zone was involved. And, it will always be there as I believe that growth and comfort cannot coexist.

What was your hustle journey like?

Hustle is a never-ending process. The journey is a complete roller coaster ride. And, I believe this is what makes us feel alive.

What are some of the challenges you deal with even today? And, how do you overcome them?

Challenges are a part of the growth process. One thing that I have learned is, you cannot change what people say, you can only change the way you react to it.

With success also comes failure. So, tell us, how do you deal with failures? What keeps you going?

That’s true! 

Here’s my favourite quote – THIS TOO SHALL PASS. So, I grab a cup of coffee, listen to my fav track, and start working again, as there’s no time to waste. The trust and faith my family has in me, keep me going.

Do you have a mantra or motto for life?

Everything happens for a reason.

Has the pandemic hindered your future plans? How are you dealing with it?

Not exactly! The pandemic has taught me a lot but it has not hindered the plans.

What do you have in store for the future?

I have a few short-term goals.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

Never compare yourself with anyone. Everyone has their own journey.

If someone wishes to choose your line of work, what is the advice for them? How do they go about it? 

Consistency and patience are very important. Also, if you want to level up your game, be ready to get out of your comfort zone. In case, you need any help from my side, reach out to me at –

You can also follow Pragati Gupta on LinkedIn and Instagram. Also, you can visit her website to know more.

So remember, never compare yourself to others because you are on your own unique journey as Pragati Gupta says. Hustle hard and one day you will surely make it. Hope this was an enjoyable read! 

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