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6 Top Women-Centric Series That Will Inspire You

Sometimes all we need is some inspiration, am I right? And what better way than to find them in movies or series? It will not only keep you entertained, erasing any blues, but these powerful Women-centric shows will also instill a sense of inspiration and arouse a rush pushing you towards your goals. Take a look.

Girl Boss 

Firstly it is a true success story, so yes, that is actually inspiring. The series is based on #GirlBoss, where Sophia Amoruso takes us through her journey where she created an empire in just 12 months. Yes, she is the founder of the brand Nasty Girl and her net worth today is $5 million! It all started because of her true love for everything vintage. When you lose yourself in this powerful female-centric show, you realize that if you love something be good at it and things will automatically fall into place, you will be able to convert your passion into a profitable venture. It streams on Netflix. And, this women-centric series is truly amazing.


She is an Indian Netflix series, which revolves around the life of our main protagonist, Bhumi Pardesi. So before you dive in, remember, the main focus here is entertainment. As we begin this series, we come across a young sexually unaware, timid constable, who goes through the motions of life just like any of us. Being from a lower-middle-class family, her only criteria is to make a living. And, that starts to change when she becomes part of an undercover operation. This is one of the women-centric films and series you should totally watch on ott!

Throughout the series, we not only see her gain self-esteem, but we also see her embrace her sexuality. Yes, it doesn’t really scream women empowerment nor does it inspire you to don your entrepreneur-cape like Girl Boss does, but it teaches us that we are all beautiful and worth it! We think that is also important sometimes.

New Girl 

New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel is one of the best women-centric series out there. Why, you ask? Because Zooey’s character Jessica is a quirky, ever so optimistic personality, who teaches us to follow our hearts despite a few hiccups down the road. And the other strong female character in the show, Cece, played by Hannah Simone, is a model, who in the later seasons we see starts her own venture and is successful. Watching this series will definitely help you gain a positive perspective. Also, it’s funny and will leave you completely entertained!

Queen Sugar 

This women-centric series follows the lives of three siblings, who inherit their father’s non-profit sugarcane plantation business. Apart from saving the business, we also see they try to resolve the turmoil in their relationship. It is truly one of the beautiful shows out there and you can easily stream it on Amazon prime videos. The best part about this drama is in a way, it is realistic and you connect with the characters.


Mom is a comedy that revolves around Christy Plunkett, played by Anna Faris, and her mother Bonnie Plunkett, played by Allison Janney. They are both recovering addicts, who begin their journey to make their dreams come true and make an effort to embrace normalcy. In the series we see them try hard to make amends and to stay on track. Christy is seen going back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer while waitressing and Bonnie is seeing forging real emotional connections. They also have an adorable AA support group, who help each other stay sober. This series streams on Amazon Prime and is truly funny and enjoyable, while also inspiring. This is truly one of the women-centric films and series you should totally watch on ott. And, Season 8 is on Amazon Prime now!

Better Things 

Better things is an American comedy-drama series, which revolves around the life of a divorced Hollywood actress, Sam Fox, who has to juggle between being a single mother to her three daughters, her work and her life. What do we like about the show? The protagonist isn’t a twenty-something, but a middle-aged woman who is always super optimistic and possesses an incredible sense of humor. This women-centric series is one of a kind.

Go on, give these powerful female-centric shows a try! If you think we must add anything else to the list, do write to us and let us know. 



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