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Workouts You Can Do From Home — No Equipment Needed

Ask any ametuer about their thoughts on exercising at home and you’ll get answers like “It’s an excuse for lazy people” and “You need the essential equipment to work your muscles.”

The truth can’t be farther away from these statements.

All professional trainers agree that bodyweight exercises are a great option for achieving any fitness related goal.

They say, whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, or improve endurance, bodyweight exercises are a great way for achieving it.

Furthermore, the routine of people who do bodyweight workouts won’t be disturbed because the luxury of going to the gym isn’t available.

Even if you’re travelling a lot, working 12 hours per day, or simply too lazy for going to the gym. Bodyweight exercises will allow you to workout from exactly where you stand.

In this post, we’ve written the bodyweight workouts for losing fat, improving cardio, and building muscle. Also, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an elite we’ve got your back.

No Equipment Home Workout for Fat Loss

The timing of the workout depends on your current level:

  • For Beginner: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
  • For Intermediate Level: 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest
  • For Advanced Level:  40 seconds work/10 seconds rest

You have to do all the exercises mentioned below only once.

1. Cross Body Mountain Climber Cross Body Mountain Climber Start from the traditional plank position. Shoulder’s aligned with the hands and the weight distributed evenly between hands and toes.

Bring the right knee up to your chest and then return to the plank position, then, do the same movement with the left knee, and keep repeating the process.

2. Prisoner Reverse Lunge Prisoner Reverse Lunge  

Start by standing straight with just a small curve on your back. Put your hands behind your back, like a prisoner would when the police asked them to, and pull the elbows and shoulders a bit backwards as well.

Step backward, until your front knee bends to 90 degree, and the back knee gets really close to the ground.

Put the weight on your front leg while you get back up

Repeat the same movement with the other leg and keep repeating the process.

3. Double Jump Burpee Double Jump Burpee

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, weight on your heels, and arms at sides.

Get in a squat position

Put your hand on the ground and jump your feet back so you get in a plank position.

Bring your knees to the chest and while keeping your hands straight and repeat this process one more time.

Return to the squat position but just when you’re about to get in a perfect squat, jump up with your hand flying above the head.

4. Over Head 1.5 Squat Over Head 1.5 Squat

While you can do this exercise without any item, it’s ideal if you use a rod, a plain stick, or some similar object.

Take any object that is 1.5 inches in height and can be placed under your feet easily.

Put the heels of your feet on the object and the rod above your head and do a regular squat.

5. No Equipment Get up No Equipment Get up

Do the normal Get Up, but instead of using a dumbbell or kettlebell use your bodyweight.

6. Sit Out

Get in a push up position and then lift your left hand and move your right foot inward (as shown in the picture above). Repeat the same process on the other sides.

7. Plank Alternate Leg Lift Plank Alternate Leg Lift

Get into the rocking plank position except clinch your hands into a fist and put them in a vertical position.

While maintaining this posture bring your left foot on top of the right one and hold this position for two seconds. Do the same with the right foot and keep repeating the process.

No Equipment Home Workout for Cardio

Try one of the following workouts (depending on your current level) to increase cardio:

  • For Beginners: Do exercise 1 & 2 for 30 secs and rest for 30 secs rest after each exercise. Do between 3-8 Circuits.
  • For Intermediates: Do exercise 1, 2, and 3 for 30 seconds and rest for 30 second after a complete set. Do between 3-8 Circuits.
  • For Elites: Do 20 reps of exercise 1, 2, 3, and 4  and keep repeating the process non-stop for 7 minutes. One set of this combo is enough.

1. Fast Mountain Climbers

Fast Mountain Climbers

Get in a push up position and bring your right leg under your armpit. Now quickly return it back to its previous position while bringing the right leg forward.

Try to bring both legs to edges at the same time. Keep repeating this process and make sure you’re moving those legs fast.

2. Squat Thrust

Similar to the fast mountain climbers, get in a push up position.

But, instead of bringing only one leg forward you’ll have to jump forward.

You should land on the balls of the feet and the knees should be right under your armpits.

When bringing your legs back to their previous position, make sure your core muscles are tight and your hips are not sagging.

3. Jumping Jacks

Stand straight with your hands at the sides.

Start by jumping in a way that your feet are pointing outwards and hands are both outwards and upwards. Now, quickly bring both feet and hands to their starting position.

Try clapping your hand together when they’re hovering over your head and when they’re back to their starting position.

4. Burpee

Start by standing straight and still. Now as fast as you can, get in a squat position but with your hands touching the floor.

Then, push your feet backwards so you get in a perfect push up form. Now, get back to the squat position and then the standing position.

Keep repeating this process.

No Equipment Home Workout for Strength and Size

Beginner Workout

1.Deep Squat

Deep Squat

Hold a towel over your head and stretch it from the opposing ends so it stays straight. This will help keep the perfect form.

Now, with your knees wide-apart slowly bring your legs downwards. Keep bringing them down until they touch the claves. Once you reach this position paues for a second and then slowly get back to the original position.

Make sure the towel is stretched the whole time.

Reps: 15

Instructions: Once you’ve completed the 15 reps, wait for the rest of the minute. Start again with the other minute and do this process for a total of 10 minutes.

Duration: 10 mins

Rest: None

Sets: 1

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

This one is similar to a lunge but with your foot elevated to make things challenging.

Take a chair and put the balls of your left feet near the edge of the chair. Now lower your hips until the left knee gets very near to touching the ground.

Once you get in that position pause for 2 seconds then bring your body back to its normal position.

Reps: 60 each side

Rest: 30 secs after a complete set

Sets: 5

3. Squat Jump With Floor Touch

Start by standing straight and still. Now, get in a squat position but with hands on the floor.

Hold in this position for 2 seconds then jump with explosiveness and bring the hands overhead and try clapping.

Reps: 15

Rest: 15 Secs

Sets: 3

Intermediate Workout

1. Spider Man Press-Up

Go the standard push-up position and lower your chest until it nearly touches the floor. Bring your right knee up to your right elbow, pause for a second and then slowly bring it back.

Do the same with the left knee and alternate the process.

Reps: 20

Rest: 10 Secs

Sets: 4

2. Pike Press-Up

Take a chair or a small table.

Put the balls of your feet on it’s farther edge and your hands on the floor. Your hands and back should be making almost a straight line.

Once you’ve gotten in a perfect form, tuck your head inwards and use your hands to lower your head. Stop just when the head is almost about to touch the floor then slowly bring it up.

Time: 60 Secs

Rest: 60 Secs

Sets: 5

3. L-Sit Chin-Up

L-Sit Chin-Up

While you do need equipment for this one, all you really need is a rod. Make sure it’s fixed deeply inside the wall.

Now that you’ve a tool for doing this exercise let’s take a dive.

Start by getting in a standard chin-up position then bring your legs up until they’re parallel to the floor.

Do the chin up while maintaining the legs position.

Reps: 5

Rest: 20 Secs

Sets: 2

Advance Workout

1. Shrimp Squat

Start by standing straight and then bring your left foot up. Grab it with the hand on the same side and pull it towards your glute.

Now start lowering the right leg until the left knee touches ground – the knee should be so close to the floor that it feels as if it’s almost touching the floor.

Now the next step will be extremely hard but hold this position for a complete second and very-slowly pull your body up.

Apply the same effort for the other leg and alternate the process.

Reps: 10

Rest: 10 Secs

Sets: 4

2. Wide Grip Press-Up

Wide Grip Press-Up

Start from the standard push up position but increase the width of the hands from shoulder to double. Now lower your chest until it almost touches the floor.

Once you get in this position, pause for 3 seconds and then slowly push yourself up.

Time: 60 Secs

Rest: 10 Secs

Sets: 5

3. Straight-Arm Super Plank

Straight-Arm Super Plank

Get in the plank position with the weight on your arms and toes. Keep your body straight from head to toes and squeeze all the muscles with complete force.

If your body starts shaking within 6-8 seconds, you’ll know you’re doing it the right way. Now all you’ve to do is, give this plank all you’ve got for 22-24 seconds.

Time: 30 Secs

Rest: 30 Secs

Sets: 5

4. Burpee to Chin-Up

Burpee to Chin-Up

Stand under the rod we’d installed before, now start the exercise with a regular Burpee but as soon as you complete it jump explosively and grab the rod.

Do a hard and slow chin-up and without wasting any time start repeating the process.

Ladder: 10

Rest: None

One Piece of Advice for Beginners

If you’re just starting working out, then your goal should be to exercise not hard, but regularly because fitness is an ongoing journey rather than a destination.


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